Yoav Gimmon
Yoav Gimmon
Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa
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The effect of plantar flexor muscle fatigue on postural control
Y Gimmon, R Riemer, L Oddsson, I Melzer
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 21 (6), 922-928, 2011
Self-selected gait speed-over ground versus self-paced treadmill walking, a solution for a paradox
M Plotnik, T Azrad, M Bondi, Y Bahat, Y Gimmon, G Zeilig, R Inzelberg, ...
Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 12 (1), 1-11, 2015
Unexpected perturbations training improves balance control and voluntary stepping times in older adults-a double blind randomized control trial
I Kurz, Y Gimmon, A Shapiro, R Debi, Y Snir, I Melzer
BMC geriatrics 16 (1), 1-11, 2016
Age-related differences in pelvic and trunk motion and gait adaptability at different walking speeds
Y Gimmon, R Riemer, H Rashed, A Shapiro, R Debi, I Kurz, I Melzer
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Continuous vestibular implant stimulation partially restores eye-stabilizing reflexes
PJ Boutros, DP Schoo, M Rahman, NS Valentin, MR Chow, AI Ayiotis, ...
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VOR adaptation training and retention in a patient with profound bilateral vestibular hypofunction
Y Gimmon, AA Migliaccio, KJ Kim, MC Schubert
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Improvement after vestibular rehabilitation not explained by improved passive VOR gain
JL Millar, Y Gimmon, D Roberts, MC Schubert
Frontiers in neurology 11, 79, 2020
Relative and absolute reliability of the clinical version of the Narrow Path Walking Test (NPWT) under single and dual task conditions
Y Gimmon, G Jacob, C Lenoble-Hoskovec, C Büla, I Melzer
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The inter-observer reliability and agreement of lateral balance recovery responses in older and younger adults
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Central not peripheral vestibular processing impairs gait coordination
Y Gimmon, J Millar, R Pak, E Liu, MC Schubert
Experimental brain research 235 (11), 3345-3355, 2017
Application of the clinical version of the narrow path walking test to identify elderly fallers
Y Gimmon, A Barash, R Debi, Y Snir, YB David, J Grinshpon, I Melzer
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A tool to quantify the functional impact of oscillopsia
ER Anson, Y Gimmon, T Kiemel, JJ Jeka, JP Carey
Frontiers in neurology 9, 142, 2018
Old adult fallers display reduced flexibility of arm and trunk movements when challenged with different walking speeds
N Shishov, Y Gimmon, H Rashed, I Kurz, R Riemer, A Shapiro, R Debi, ...
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Simultaneous and opposing horizontal VOR adaptation in humans suggests functionally independent neural circuits
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Journal of neurophysiology 120 (4), 1496-1504, 2018
Gait coordination deteriorates in independent old-old adults
Y Gimmon, H Rashad, I Kurz, M Plotnik, R Riemer, R Debi, A Shapiro, ...
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Using inertial sensors to quantify postural sway and gait performance during the tandem walking test
KJ Kim, Y Gimmon, J Millar, MC Schubert
Sensors 19 (4), 751, 2019
Vestibular testing-rotary chair and dynamic visual acuity tests
Y Gimmon, MC Schubert
Vestibular Disorders 82, 39-46, 2019
Exposure to an extreme environment comes at a sensorimotor cost
KJ Kim, Y Gimmon, S Sorathia, KH Beaton, MC Schubert
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Perturbation exercises during treadmill walking improve pelvic and trunk motion in older adults—A randomized control trial
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Archives of gerontology and geriatrics 75, 132-138, 2018
Posture, gait, quality of life, and hearing with a vestibular implant
MR Chow, AI Ayiotis, DP Schoo, Y Gimmon, KE Lane, BJ Morris, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 384 (6), 521-532, 2021
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