Joshua J. Tremel
Joshua J. Tremel
Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Pittsburgh
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צוטט על ידי
Prior probability and feature predictability interactively bias perceptual decisions
KE Dunovan, JJ Tremel, ME Wheeler
Neuropsychologia 61, 210-221, 2014
High quality but limited quantity perceptual evidence produces neural accumulation in frontal and parietal cortex
EJ Ploran, JJ Tremel, SM Nelson, ME Wheeler
Cerebral Cortex 21 (11), 2650-2662, 2011
Content-specific evidence accumulation in inferior temporal cortex during perceptual decision-making
JJ Tremel, ME Wheeler
NeuroImage 109, 35-49, 2015
Effects of task-set adoption on ERP correlates of controlled and automatic recognition memory
KA Wilckens, JJ Tremel, DA Wolk, ME Wheeler
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The strength of gradually accruing probabilistic evidence modulates brain activity during a categorical decision
ME Wheeler, SG Woo, T Ansel, JJ Tremel, AL Collier, K Velanova, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 27 (4), 705-719, 2015
Neural signatures of experience-based improvements in deterministic decision-making
JJ Tremel, PA Laurent, DA Wolk, ME Wheeler, JA Fiez
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Memory for non-painful auditory items is influenced by whether they are experienced in a context involving painful electrical stimulation
KM Vogt, CM Norton, LE Speer, JJ Tremel, JW Ibinson, LM Reder, JA Fiez
Experimental brain research 237 (7), 1615-1627, 2019
Manipulating memory efficacy affects the behavioral and neural profiles of deterministic learning and decision-making
JJ Tremel, DM Ortiz, JA Fiez
Neuropsychologia 114, 214-230, 2018
Neutral auditory words immediately followed by painful electric shock show reduced next-day recollection
CM Norton, JW Ibinson, SJ Pcola, V Popov, JJ Tremel, LM Reder, JA Fiez, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
The Neural Substrates of Deterministic Decision-making
J Tremel
University of Pittsburgh, 2018
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