Ricardo M. Lima
Ricardo M. Lima
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Integrated sizing and scheduling of wind/PV/diesel/battery isolated systems
A Malheiro, PM Castro, RM Lima, A Estanqueiro
Renewable Energy 83, 646-657, 2015
On the relation between flexibility analysis and robust optimization for linear systems
Q Zhang, IE Grossmann, RM Lima
AIChE Journal 62 (9), 3109-3123, 2016
Long-term scheduling of a single-unit multi-product continuous process to manufacture high performance glass
RM Lima, IE Grossmann, Y Jiao
Computers & chemical engineering 35 (3), 554-574, 2011
On the computational studies of deterministic global optimization of head dependent short-term hydro scheduling
RM Lima, MG Marcovecchio, AQ Novais, IE Grossmann
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 28 (4), 4336-4347, 2013
Weekly self-scheduling, forward contracting, and pool involvement for an electricity producer. An adaptive robust optimization approach
RM Lima, AQ Novais, AJ Conejo
European Journal of Operational Research 240 (2), 457-475, 2015
IBM ILOG CPLEX - What is inside of the box - Enterprise Wide Optimization
RM Lima
Enterprise Wide Optimization Seminars - CAPD, CMU, 1-72, 2010
Optimal synthesis of p‐xylene separation processes based on crystallization technology
RM Lima, IE Grossmann
AIChE journal 55 (2), 354-373, 2009
Computational advances in solving mixed integer linear programming problems
RM Lima, IE Grossmann
Chemical Engineering Greetings to prof. Sauro Pierucci, 151-160, 2011
SIMOP: Efficient reactive distillation optimization using stochastic optimizers
RM Lima, RL Salcedo, D Barbosa
Chemical engineering science 61 (5), 1718-1739, 2006
Symmetry breaking in MILP formulations for Unit Commitment problems
RM Lima, AQ Novais
Computers & Chemical Engineering 85, 162-176, 2016
Spreadsheets in chemical engineering education: a tool in process design and process integration
EC Ferreira, R Lima, R Salcedo
Dublin Institute of Technology Tempus Publications, 2004
Dynamic optimization of batch emulsion polymerization using MSIMPSA, a simulated-annealing-based algorithm
RM Lima, G François, B Srinivasan, RL Salcedo
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 43 (24), 7796-7806, 2004
Risk-averse formulations and methods for a virtual power plant
RM Lima, AJ Conejo, S Langodan, I Hoteit, OM Knio
Computers & Operations Research 96, 350-373, 2018
On the solution of nonconvex cardinality Boolean quadratic programming problems: a computational study
RM Lima, IE Grossmann
Computational Optimization and Applications 66 (1), 1-37, 2017
On the optimum choice of decision variables for equation-oriented global optimization
RL Salcedo, RM Lima
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 38 (12), 4742-4758, 1999
Trajectory planning for autonomous underwater vehicles in the presence of obstacles and a nonlinear flow field using mixed integer nonlinear programming
T Wang, RM Lima, L Giraldi, OM Knio
Computers & Operations Research 101, 55-75, 2019
Simulated annealing for the global optimization of chemical processes
RL Salcedo, RP Lima, MF Cardoso
Proceedings-Indian National Science Academy Part A 69 (3/4), 359-402, 2003
Optimal 3D trajectory planning for AUVs using ocean general circulation models
S Albarakati, RM Lima, L Giraldi, I Hoteit, O Knio
Ocean Engineering 188, 2019
An optimized strategy for equation-oriented global optimization
RM Lima, RL Salcedo
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 10, 913-918, 2002
Multiobjective Risk-Aware Path Planning in Uncertain Transient Currents: An Ensemble-Based Stochastic Optimization Approach
S Albarakati, RM Lima, T Theußl, I Hoteit, O Knio
IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 2021
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