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dana weimann-saks
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צוטט על ידי
Does character similarity increase identification and persuasion?
J Cohen, D Weimann-Saks, M Mazor-Tregerman
Media Psychology 21 (3), 506-528, 2018
Making ‘noise’online: An analysis of the say no to terror online campaign
A Aly, D Weimann-Saks, G Weimann
Perspectives on terrorism 8 (5), 33-47, 2014
Children's Facebook Usage: Parental Awareness, Attitudes and Behavior
A Dor, D Weimann-Saks
Studies in Media and Communication 1 (1), 1-14, 2012
The relationship between power perception and couple's conflict management strategy
I Peleg-Koriat, D Weimann-Saks, R Ben-Ari
Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy 17 (3), 227-249, 2018
Trends in public and media agenda-setting during the 2015 Israeli elections
D Weimann-Saks, Y Ariel, V Malka, R Avidar
Israel Affairs 22 (3-4), 727-742, 2016
Exploring the similarity-identification hypothesis: The role of perceived similarity
J Cohen, D Weimann-Saks
62nd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association …, 2012
Stealing sunshine
R Perry, D Weimann-Saks
Law & Contemp. Probs. 74, 33, 2011
Social second screen: WhatsApp and watching the World Cup
D Weimann-Saks, Y Ariel, V Elishar-Malka
Communication & Sport 8 (1), 123-141, 2020
The Effect of Malleability Beliefs and Emotions on Legal Decision Making
D Weimann-Saks, I Peleg-Koriat, E Halperin
Justice System Journal 40 (1), 21-38, 2019
Online agenda-setting research: Challenges and dilemmas
Y Ariel, V Elishar-Malka, D Weimann-Saks, R Avidar
The Agenda Setting Journal 1 (2), 117-136, 2017
Israel at the polls 2015: a moment of transformative stability
E Orkibi
Israel Affairs 22 (3-4), 573-577, 2016
The moderating role of psychological distance on the impact of malleability beliefs on public attitudes toward punishment
I Peleg-Koriat, D Weimann-Saks, E Halperin
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 59 (7), 416-432, 2020
Promoting Inmates’ Positive Attitudes toward Participating in a Restorative Justice Process: The Effects of a Victim Awareness Process
D Weimann-Saks, I Peleg-Koriat
The Prison Journal 100 (3), 381-398, 2020
Correlation factors influencing terrorist attacks: political, social or economic? A study of terrorist events in 49 “Belt and Road” countries
S She, Q Wang, D Weimann-Saks
Quality & Quantity 54 (1), 125-146, 2020
Media Images of Anorexia: Effects of Moderate vs. Extreme Anorexia-Related Messages on Young Women
D Weimann-Saks, H Eliash
Community Mental Health Journal, 1-7, 2020
171 Letter from the Editor: Volume 40, Issue 3
A Steigerwalt, A Feldman, D Gill, M Stobb, AJ Heideman, M Mak, ...
Justice System Journal 40 (3), 2019
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