Rory Sayres
Rory Sayres
Researcher, Google
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Interpretability beyond feature attribution: Quantitative testing with concept activation vectors (tcav)
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Measurement and modeling of eye-mouse behavior in the presence of nonlinear page layouts
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Object recognition: Insights from advances in fMRI methods
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Deep Learning and Glaucoma Specialists: The Relative Importance of Optic Disc Features to Predict Glaucoma Referral in Fundus Photographs
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Expert Discussions Improve Comprehension of Difficult Cases in Medical Image Assessment
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Direct uncertainty prediction with applications to healthcare
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Exploring Principled Visualizations for Deep Network Attributions
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Remote Tool-Based Adjudication for Grading Diabetic Retinopathy
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arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.08290, 2018
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