Miles J McKenna
Miles J McKenna
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The NASA Twins Study: A multidimensional analysis of a year-long human spaceflight
FE Garrett-Bakelman, M Darshi, SJ Green, RC Gur, L Lin, BR Macias, ...
Science 364 (6436), 2019
Evaluating multiple criteria for species delimitation: an empirical example using Hawaiian palms (Arecaceae: Pritchardia)
CD Bacon, MJ McKenna, MP Simmons, WL Wagner
BMC Evolutionary Biology 12 (1), 23, 2012
Delimitation of the segregate genera of Maytenus sl (Celastraceae) based on morphological and molecular characters
MJ McKenna, MP Simmons, CD Bacon, JA Lombardi
Systematic Botany 36 (4), 922-932, 2011
Phylogeny of Celastraceae tribe Euonymeae inferred from morphological characters and nuclear and plastid genes
MP Simmons, MJ McKenna, CD Bacon, K Yakobson, JJ Cappa, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 62 (1), 9-20, 2012
Geographic and taxonomic disparities in species diversity: Dispersal and diversification rates across Wallace's Line
CD Bacon, F Michonneau, AJ Henderson, MJ McKenna, AM Milroy, ...
Evolution 67 (7), 2058-2071, 2013
Phylogeny of Celastraceae subfamilies Cassinoideae and Tripterygioideae inferred from morphological characters and nuclear and plastid loci
MP Simmons, CD Bacon, JJ Cappa, MJ McKenna
Systematic Botany 37 (2), 456-467, 2012
Telomeres and telomerase in the radiation response: implications for instability, reprograming, and carcinogenesis
BJ Sishc, CB Nelson, MJ McKenna, CLR Battaglia, A Herndon, R Idate, ...
Frontiers in oncology 5, 257, 2015
Directional genomic hybridization: inversions as a potential biodosimeter for retrospective radiation exposure
FA Ray, E Robinson, M McKenna, M Hada, K George, F Cucinotta, ...
Radiation and environmental biophysics 53 (2), 255-263, 2014
Chromosome translocations, inversions and telomere length for retrospective biodosimetry on exposed US atomic veterans
MJ McKenna, E Robinson, L Taylor, C Tompkins, MN Cornforth, SL Simon, ...
Radiation research 191 (4), 311-322, 2019
Estimation of Radiation Doses to US Military Test Participants from Nuclear Testing: A Comparison of Historical Film-Badge Measurements, Dose Reconstruction and Retrospective …
SL Simon, SM Bailey, HL Beck, JD Boice, A Bouville, AB Brill, ...
Radiation research 191 (4), 297-310, 2019
Temporal telomere and DNA damage responses in the space radiation environment
JJ Luxton, MJ McKenna, LE Taylor, KA George, SR Zwart, BE Crucian, ...
Cell Reports 33 (10), 108435, 2020
Directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH) for Detection of Intrachromosomal Rearrangements
E Robinson, MJ McKenna, JS Bedford, EH Goodwin, MN Cornforth, ...
Radiation Cytogenetics, 107-116, 2019
Chromosomal and telomeric biomarkers of normal tissue injury to evaluate risk of degenerative health effects (secondary malignancy, cardiovascular disease) post radiation therapy
MJ McKenna, SM Bailey
Transl Cancer Res 6, S789-94, 2017
Telomeres and NextGen CO-FISH: Directional Genomic Hybridization (Telo-dGH™)
MJ McKenna, E Robinson, EH Goodwin, MN Cornforth, SM Bailey
Telomeres and Telomerase, 103-112, 2017
Telomere Length Dynamics and DNA Damage Responses Associated with Long-Duration Spaceflight
JJ Luxton, MJ McKenna, A Lewis, LE Taylor, KA George, SM Dixit, ...
Cell Reports 33 (10), 108457, 2020
Chromosomal and telomeric biomarkers of normal tissue injury to evaluate risk of secondary malignancy following IMRT for prostate cancer
JJ Luxton, MJ McKenna, L Taylor, GP Swanson, SM Bailey
Cancer Research 79 (13 Supplement), 4869-4869, 2019
To the Stars and Back Again-Studies in Space Radiation Research
SM Bailey, JJ Luxton, MJ McKenna, LE Taylor, KE George
Telomere length and chromosomal instability for predicting individual radiosensitivity and risk via machine learning
JJ Luxton, MJ McKenna, AM Lewis, LE Taylor, SG Jhavar, GP Swanson, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
31. Assessing telomere length and chromosome aberrations in twin and unrelated astronauts
SM Bailey, MJ McKenna, L Taylor, KA George
Cancer Genetics 224, 62, 2018
43. Using directional genomic hybridization to discover and detect structural variation
M McKenna, E Robinson, S Bailey, FA Ray, M Cornforth, J Bedford, ...
Cancer Genetics 224, 66-67, 2018
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