Christophe Maes
Christophe Maes
IRD institut de recherche pour le développement
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Sea surface salinity observations from space with the SMOS satellite: A new means to monitor the marine branch of the water cycle
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Importance of the salinity barrier layer for the buildup of El Niño
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Using satellite‐derived sea level and temperature profiles for determining the salinity variability: A new approach
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C Maes
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Zonal jets entering the Coral Sea
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Observed and expected changes to the tropical Pacific Ocean
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Vulnerability of tropical Pacific fisheries and aquaculture to climate …, 2011
Vertical structure of an OGCM simulation of the equatorial Pacific Ocean in 1985–94
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Contrasted geographical distribution of N2 fixation rates and nifH phylotypes in the Coral and Solomon Seas (southwestern Pacific) during austral winter conditions
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Climatic Change 119 (1), 163-179, 2013
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