Sarah Cohan
Sarah Cohan
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צוטט על ידי
Using regression to measure holistic face processing reveals a strong link with face recognition ability
J DeGutis, J Wilmer, RJ Mercado, S Cohan
Cognition 126 (1), 87-100, 2013
Holistic processing of the mouth but not the eyes in developmental prosopagnosia
J DeGutis, S Cohan, RJ Mercado, J Wilmer, K Nakayama
Cognitive Neuropsychology 29 (5-6), 419-446, 2012
Holistic face training enhances face processing in developmental prosopagnosia
J DeGutis, S Cohan, K Nakayama
Brain 137 (6), 1781-1798, 2014
A robust method of measuring other-race and other-ethnicity effects: The Cambridge Face Memory Test format
E McKone, S Stokes, J Liu, S Cohan, C Fiorentini, M Pidcock, G Yovel, ...
PLoS One 7 (10), e47956, 2012
Face processing improvements in prosopagnosia: successes and failures over the last 50 years
JM DeGutis, C Chiu, ME Grosso, S Cohan
Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, 561, 2014
Use of face information varies systematically from developmental prosopagnosics to super-recognizers
J Tardif, X Morin Duchesne, S Cohan, J Royer, C Blais, D Fiset, ...
Psychological science 30 (2), 300-308, 2019
Facial expression training improves emotion recognition and changes neural tuning in a patient with acquired emotion recognition deficits and prosopagnosia
J DeGutis, S Cohan, DA Kahn, GK Aguirre, K Nakayama
Journal of Vision 13 (9), 993-993, 2013
The football Players’ health study at Harvard University: design and objectives
R Zafonte, A Pascual‐Leone, A Baggish, MG Weisskopf, HA Taylor, ...
American journal of industrial medicine 62 (8), 643-654, 2019
A proposal for developmental prosopagnosia'sub-types' based on differential face perception and face memory performance
S Cohan, J DeGutis
Journal of Vision 14 (10), 1433-1433, 2014
Gender differences in familiar face recognition and the influence of sociocultural gender inequality
MV Mishra, J Likitlersuang, JB Wilmer, S Cohan, L Germine, JM DeGutis
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-12, 2019
Broadly superior: many, but not all, visual and non-visual abilities are strong in face super-recognizers
S Cohan, K Nakayama, B Duchaine
Journal of Vision 16 (12), 74-74, 2016
Holistic Face Deficits in Developmental Prosopagnosia: Abnormal Processing of the Eyes
S Cohan, JM DeGutis, RJ Mercado, J Wilmer, K Nakayama
Journal of Vision 12 (9), 1278-1278, 2012
Resolving the Holistic Processing/Face Recognition Debate
RJ Mercado, JM DeGutis, J Wilmer, S Cohan, K Nakayama
Journal of Vision 12 (9), 638-638, 2012
Training with Same-Race Faces Improves Holistic Processing of Other-Race Faces
RJ Mercado, S Cohan, JM DeGutis
Journal of Vision 11 (11), 627-627, 2011
Social network structure and composition in former NFL football players
A Dhand, L McCafferty, R Grashow, IM Corbin, S Cohan, AJ Whittington, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-9, 2021
An online investigation of face training in a large sample of developmental prosopagnosics, phase 1
S Cohan, JM DeGutis, K Nakayama
F1000Research 2, 2011
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