Abayomi Babatunde Alayande
Abayomi Babatunde Alayande
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Concurrent performance improvement and biofouling mitigation in osmotic microbial fuel cells using a silver nanoparticle-polydopamine coated forward osmosis membrane
E Yang, KJ Chae, AB Alayande, KY Kim, IS Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 513, 217-225, 2016
Laminar reduced graphene oxide membrane modified with silver nanoparticle-polydopamine for water/ion separation and biofouling resistance enhancement
E Yang, AB Alayande, CM Kim, J Song, IS Kim
Desalination 426, 21-31, 2018
Implications of chemical reduction using hydriodic acid on the antimicrobial properties of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide membranes
AB Alayande, HD Park, JS Vrouwenvelder, IS Kim
Small 15 (28), 1901023, 2019
Correlation between quorum sensing signal molecules and Pseudomonas aeruginosa’s biofilm development and virulency
AB Alayande, MM Aung, IS Kim
Current microbiology 75 (7), 787-793, 2018
Surface morphology-dependent spontaneous bacterial behaviors on graphene oxide membranes
AB Alayande, S Chae, IS Kim
Separation and Purification Technology 226, 68-74, 2019
Antimicrobial mechanism of reduced graphene oxide-copper oxide (rGO-CuO) nanocomposite films: The case of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
AB Alayande, M Obaid, IS Kim
Materials Science and Engineering: C 109, 110596, 2020
Cleaning efficacy of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin for biofouling reduction on reverse osmosis membranes
AB Alayande, LH Kim, IS Kim
Biofouling 32 (4), 359-370, 2016
Applications of nisin for biofouling mitigation of reverse osmosis membranes
Y Jung, AB Alayande, S Chae, IS Kim
Desalination 429, 52-59, 2018
2D materials-based membranes for hydrogen purification: Current status and future prospects
E Yang, AB Alayande, K Goh, CM Kim, KH Chu, MH Hwang, JH Ahn, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (20), 11389-11410, 2021
High-flux ultrafiltration membrane with open porous hydrophilic structure using dual pore formers
AB Alayande, M Obaid, HW Yu, IS Kim
Chemosphere 227, 662-669, 2019
Antibacterial rGO–CuO–Ag film with contact-and release-based inactivation properties
AB Alayande, CM Kim, JS Vrouwenvelder, IS Kim
Environmental Research 191, 110130, 2020
Nigeria Water Crisis: A Function of Failed Governmental Planning and Policies
AB Alayande, SJ Akinlolu-Raphael
IGLUS Quarterly 5 (1), 27-31, 2019
Organic and biological fouling
IS Kim, AB Alayande, TT Nguyen
Facile fabrication of superhydrophilic and underwater superoleophobic nanofiber membranes for highly efficient separation of oil-in-water emulsion
M Obaid, HO Mohamed, AB Alayande, Y Kang, N Ghaffour, IS Kim
Separation and Purification Technology, 118954, 2021
Effect of size fractioned alginate-based transparent exopolymer particles on initial bacterial adhesion of forward osmosis membrane support layer
A Blazyte, AB Alayande, TT Nguyen, RS Adha, J Jang, MM Aung, IS Kim
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 94, 408-418, 2021
Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Membranes in 2020
G Abatangelo, JC Antunes, S Abbrent, N Apollo, A Abdala, GB Appetecchi, ...
Membranes 11, 68, 2021
Recent Progress in One-and Two-Dimensional Nanomaterial-Based Electro-Responsive Membranes: Versatile and Smart Applications from Fouling Mitigation to Tuning Mass Transport
AB Alayande, K Goh, M Son, CM Kim, KJ Chae, Y Kang, J Jang, IS Kim, ...
Membranes 11 (1), 5, 2021
Fabrication of nanocomposite forward osmosis hollow fiber membrane for low reverse salt flux by modification of active layer via co-extrusion with graphene oxide
K Janga, J Lima, J Leea, AB Alayandea, B Jungb, IS Kima
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Membranes in 2016
ME Office
Membranes 7 (1), 2017
B-16: Correlation between Quorum Sensing Signal Molecules Production and Biofilm Mass
AB Alayande, MM Aung, IS Kim
공동 춘계학술발표회 (2000~) 2017, 92-93, 2017
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