Darrick Evensen
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What's the ‘fracking’problem? One word can’t say it all
D Evensen, JB Jacquet, CE Clarke, RC Stedman
The Extractive Industries and Society 1 (2), 130-136, 2014
Public opinion on energy development: the interplay of issue framing, top-of-mind associations, and political ideology
CE Clarke, PS Hart, JP Schuldt, DTN Evensen, HS Boudet, JB Jacquet, ...
Energy Policy 81, 131-140, 2015
How geographic distance and political ideology interact to influence public perception of unconventional oil/natural gas development
CE Clarke, D Bugden, PS Hart, RC Stedman, JB Jacquet, DTN Evensen, ...
Energy Policy 97, 301-309, 2016
Public perceptions of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas and oil in the United States and Canada
M Thomas, N Pidgeon, D Evensen, T Partridge, A Hasell, C Enders, ...
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 8 (3), e450, 2017
A New York or Pennsylvania state of mind: social representations in newspaper coverage of gas development in the Marcellus Shale
DT Evensen, CE Clarke, RC Stedman
Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 4 (1), 65-77, 2014
Understanding risk perceptions to enhance communication about human-wildlife interactions and the impacts of zoonotic disease
DJ Decker, DTN Evensen, WF Siemer, KM Leong, SJ Riley, MA Wild, ...
ILAR journal 51 (3), 255-261, 2010
Scale matters: Variation in perceptions of shale gas development across national, state, and local levels
D Evensen, R Stedman
Energy research & social science 20, 14-21, 2016
Policy decisions on shale gas development ('fracking'): the insufficiency of science and necessity of moral thought
DT Evensen
Environmental Values 24 (4), 511-534, 2015
Fracking’: Promoter and destroyer of ‘the good life
D Evensen, R Stedman
Journal of Rural Studies 59, 142-152, 2018
Regional newspaper coverage of shale gas development across Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania: Similarities, differences, and lessons
O Ashmoore, D Evensen, C Clarke, J Krakower, J Simon
Energy Research & Social Science 11, 119-132, 2016
Transparency in Europe: a quantitative study
F Bouder, D Way, R Löfstedt, D Evensen
Risk Analysis 35 (7), 1210-1229, 2015
Comparing the relationship between knowledge and support for hydraulic fracturing between residents of the United States and the United Kingdom
RC Stedman, D Evensen, S O’Hara, M Humphrey
Energy research & social science 20, 142-148, 2016
Beliefs about impacts matter little for attitudes on shale gas development
D Evensen, R Stedman
Energy Policy 109, 10-21, 2017
Efficacy information in media coverage of infectious disease risks: an ill predicament?
DT Evensen, CE Clarke
Science Communication 34 (3), 392-418, 2012
The rhetorical limitations of the# FridaysForFuture movement
D Evensen
Nature Climate Change 9 (6), 428-430, 2019
Public perceptions of wildlife-associated disease: risk communication matters
DJ Decker, WF Siemer, DTN Evensen, RC Stedman, KA McComas, ...
Human-Wildlife Interactions 6 (1), 112-122, 2012
Is ‘activist’a dirty word? Place identity, activism and unconventional gas development across three continents
H Luke, ED Rasch, D Evensen, M Köhne
The Extractive Industries and Society 5 (4), 524-534, 2018
Ethics and ‘fracking’: a review of (the limited) moral thought on shale gas development
D Evensen
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water 3 (4), 575-586, 2016
Acceptance of energy transitions and policies: Public conceptualisations of energy as a need and basic right in the United Kingdom
C Demski, G Thomas, S Becker, D Evensen, N Pidgeon
Energy Research & Social Science 48, 33-45, 2019
Emerging risk communication challenges associated with shale gas development
CE Clarke, DTN Evensen, J Jacquet, RC Stedman
European Journal of Risk Regulation 3 (3), 424-430, 2012
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