Mark P Brandon
Mark P Brandon
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Reduction of theta rhythm dissociates grid cell spatial periodicity from directional tuning
MP Brandon, AR Bogaard, CP Libby, MA Connerney, K Gupta, ...
Science 332 (6029), 595-599, 2011
During running in place, grid cells integrate elapsed time and distance run
BJ Kraus, MP Brandon, RJ Robinson II, MA Connerney, ME Hasselmo, ...
Neuron 88 (3), 578-589, 2015
New and distinct hippocampal place codes are generated in a new environment during septal inactivation
MP Brandon, J Koenig, JK Leutgeb, S Leutgeb
Neuron 82 (4), 789-796, 2014
The medial entorhinal cortex is necessary for temporal organization of hippocampal neuronal activity
MI Schlesiger, CC Cannova, BL Boublil, JB Hales, EA Mankin, ...
Nature neuroscience 18 (8), 1123-1132, 2015
Multiple running speed signals in medial entorhinal cortex
JR Hinman, MP Brandon, JR Climer, GW Chapman, ME Hasselmo
Neuron 91 (3), 666-679, 2016
Segregation of cortical head direction cell assemblies on alternating theta cycles
MP Brandon, AR Bogaard, NW Schultheiss, ME Hasselmo
Nature neuroscience 16 (6), 739-748, 2013
Linking cellular mechanisms to behavior: entorhinal persistent spiking and membrane potential oscillations may underlie path integration, grid cell firing, and episodic memory
ME Hasselmo, MP Brandon
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A model combining oscillations and attractor dynamics for generation of grid cell firing
ME Hasselmo, MP Brandon
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 6, 30, 2012
Cellular dynamical mechanisms for encoding the time and place of events along spatiotemporal trajectories in episodic memory
ME Hasselmo, LM Giocomo, MP Brandon, M Yoshida
Behavioural brain research 215 (2), 261-274, 2010
Head direction is coded more strongly than movement direction in a population of entorhinal neurons
F Raudies, MP Brandon, GW Chapman, ME Hasselmo
Brain research 1621, 355-367, 2015
Mid-latitude glacial erosion hotspot related to equatorial shifts in southern Westerlies
F Herman, M Brandon
Geology 43 (11), 987-990, 2015
Hippocampal neural circuits respond to optogenetic pacing of theta frequencies by generating accelerated oscillation frequencies
I Zutshi, MP Brandon, ML Fu, ML Donegan, JK Leutgeb, S Leutgeb
Current Biology 28 (8), 1179-1188. e3, 2018
Decoding movement trajectories through a T-maze using point process filters applied to place field data from rat hippocampal region CA1
Y Huang, MP Brandon, AL Griffin, ME Hasselmo, UT Eden
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Head direction cells in the postsubiculum do not show replay of prior waking sequences during sleep
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A phase code for memory could arise from circuit mechanisms in entorhinal cortex
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Sources of the spatial code within the hippocampus
MP Brandon, ME Hasselmo
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Parallel and convergent processing in grid cell, head‐direction cell, boundary cell, and place cell networks
MP Brandon, J Koenig, S Leutgeb
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science 5 (2), 207-219, 2014
DG–CA3 circuitry mediates hippocampal representations of latent information
AT Keinath, A Nieto-Posadas, JC Robinson, MP Brandon
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-9, 2020
A zero-inflated gamma model for deconvolved calcium imaging traces
XX Wei, D Zhou, A Grosmark, Z Ajabi, F Sparks, P Zhou, M Brandon, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.03737, 2020
Cholinergic dysfunction in the dorsal striatum promotes habit formation and maladaptive eating
M Favier, H Janickova, D Justo, O Kljakic, L Runtz, JY Natsheh, ...
Journal of Clinical Investigation 130 (12), 6616-6630, 2020
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