Markus Gierth
Markus Gierth
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צוטט על ידי
The potassium transporter AtHAK5 functions in K+ deprivation-induced high-affinity K+ uptake and AKT1 K+ channel contribution to K+ uptake kinetics in Arabidopsis roots
M Gierth, P Mäser, JI Schroeder
Plant Physiology 137 (3), 1105-1114, 2005
Potassium transporters in plants–involvement in K+ acquisition, redistribution and homeostasis
M Gierth, P Mäser
FEBS letters 581 (12), 2348-2356, 2007
Molecular mechanisms of potassium and sodium uptake in plants
P Mäser, M Gierth, JI Schroeder
Progress in Plant Nutrition: Plenary Lectures of the XIV International Plant …, 2002
High-affinity K+ transport in Arabidopsis: AtHAK5 and AKT1 are vital for seedling establishment and postgermination growth under low-potassium conditions
YJ Pyo, M Gierth, JI Schroeder, MH Cho
Plant Physiology 153 (2), 863-875, 2010
Plastidial transporters KEA1,-2, and-3 are essential for chloroplast osmoregulation, integrity, and pH regulation in Arabidopsis
HH Kunz, M Gierth, A Herdean, M Satoh-Cruz, DM Kramer, C Spetea, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (20), 7480-7485, 2014
The ABC transporter PXA1 and peroxisomal β-oxidation are vital for metabolism in mature leaves of Arabidopsis during extended darkness
HH Kunz, M Scharnewski, K Feussner, I Feussner, UI Flügge, M Fulda, ...
The Plant Cell 21 (9), 2733-2749, 2009
The role of transporters in supplying energy to plant plastids
UI Flügge, RE Häusler, F Ludewig, M Gierth
Journal of experimental botany 62 (7), 2381-2392, 2011
Arabidopsis phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase1 of the phosphoserine pathway is essential for development and required for ammonium assimilation and tryptophan biosynthesis
RM Benstein, K Ludewig, S Wulfert, S Wittek, T Gigolashvili, H Frerigmann, ...
The Plant Cell 25 (12), 5011-5029, 2013
The role of plastidial glucose‐6‐phosphate/phosphate translocators in vegetative tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants impaired in starch biosynthesis
HH Kunz, RE Häusler, J Fettke, K Herbst, P Niewiadomski, M Gierth, ...
Plant Biology 12, 115-128, 2010
Analytical electron microscopical investigations on the apoplastic pathways of lanthanum transport in barley roots
H Lehmann, R Stelzer, S Holzamer, U Kunz, M Gierth
Planta 211 (6), 816-822, 2000
The acyl-acyl carrier protein synthetase from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 mediates fatty acid import
S von Berlepsch, HH Kunz, S Brodesser, P Fink, K Marin, UI Flügge, ...
Plant physiology 159 (2), 606-617, 2012
Reduction of the cytosolic phosphoglucomutase in Arabidopsis reveals impact on plant growth, seed and root development, and carbohydrate partitioning
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PLoS One 9 (11), e112468, 2014
An analytical microscopical study on the role of the exodermis in apoplastic Rb+ (K+) transport in barley roots
M Gierth, R Stelzer, H Lehmann
Plant and Soil 207 (2), 209-218, 1999
Loss of cytosolic phosphoglucose isomerase affects carbohydrate metabolism in leaves and is essential for fertility of Arabidopsis
HH Kunz, S Zamani-Nour, RE Häusler, K Ludewig, JI Schroeder, ...
Plant Physiology 166 (2), 753-765, 2014
Endodermal Ca and Sr partitioning in needles of the European larch (Larix decidua (L.) Mill.)
M Gierth, R Stelzer, H Lehmann
Journal of plant physiology 152 (1), 25-30, 1998
Micro-PIXE investigations of apoplastic iron in freeze-dried root cross-sections of soil grown barley
T Schneider, O Strasser, M Gierth, S Scheloske, B Povh
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2002
Micro-Pixe evaluation of Fe distribution in barley roots
International Journal of PIXE 9 (03n04), 353-364, 1999
Nocturnal energy demand in plants: insights from studying mutants impaired in β-oxidation
HH Kunz, M Scharnewski, S von Berlepsch, S Shahi, M Fulda, UI Flügge, ...
Plant signaling & behavior 5 (7), 842-844, 2010
Untersuchungen zur Funktion der Exodermis von Gerstenwurzeln (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. Alexis) im Hinblick auf den radialen Transport anorganischer Ionen im Apoplasten
M Gierth
Dissertation Universität Hannover, 2000
A method for the cryosectioning of plant roots for analytical electron microscopy
M Gierth, R Stelzer, H Lehmann
Microscopy and Analysis, 31-34, 2000
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