Anthony Stockdale
Anthony Stockdale
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester
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Micro-scale biogeochemical heterogeneity in sediments: a review of available technology and observed evidence
A Stockdale, W Davison, H Zhang
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Toxicity of proton–metal mixtures in the field: linking stream macroinvertebrate species diversity to chemical speciation and bioavailability
A Stockdale, E Tipping, S Lofts, SJ Ormerod, WH Clements, R Blust
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A Stockdale, E Tipping, S Lofts
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A Stockdale, W Davison, H Zhang
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The influence of natural organic matter on radionuclide mobility under conditions relevant to cementitious disposal of radioactive wastes: A review of direct evidence
A Stockdale, ND Bryan
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2D simultaneous measurement of the oxyanions of P, V, As, Mo, Sb, W and U
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Recovery of macroinvertebrate species richness in acidified upland waters assessed with a field toxicity model
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Response of the Eastern Mediterranean microbial ecosystem to dust and dust affected by acid processing in the atmosphere
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Uranyl binding to humic acid under conditions relevant to cementitious geological disposal of radioactive wastes
A Stockdale, ND Bryan
Mineralogical Magazine 76 (8), 3391-3399, 2012
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