Andy Hardy
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Distribution and drivers of global mangrove forest change, 1996–2010
N Thomas, R Lucas, P Bunting, A Hardy, A Rosenqvist, M Simard
PloS one 12 (6), e0179302, 2017
The global mangrove watch—a new 2010 global baseline of mangrove extent
P Bunting, A Rosenqvist, RM Lucas, LM Rebelo, L Hilarides, N Thomas, ...
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Daily discharge estimation at ungauged river sites using remote sensing
SJ Birkinshaw, P Moore, CG Kilsby, GM O'donnell, AJ Hardy, PAM Berry
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Using low-cost drones to map malaria vector habitats
A Hardy, M Makame, D Cross, S Majambere, M Msellem
Parasites & vectors 10 (1), 1-13, 2017
Mapping mangrove extent and change: a globally applicable approach
N Thomas, P Bunting, R Lucas, A Hardy, A Rosenqvist, T Fatoyinbo
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A remote sensing approach for landslide hazard assessment on engineered slopes
PE Miller, JP Mills, SL Barr, SJ Birkinshaw, AJ Hardy, G Parkin, SJ Hall
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 50 (4), 1048-1056, 2011
Habitat hydrology and geomorphology control the distribution of malaria vector larvae in rural Africa
AJ Hardy, JGP Gamarra, DE Cross, MG Macklin, MW Smith, J Kihonda, ...
PLoS One 8 (12), e81931, 2013
Mapping hotspots of malaria transmission from pre-existing hydrology, geology and geomorphology data in the pre-elimination context of Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania
A Hardy, Z Mageni, S Dongus, G Killeen, MG Macklin, S Majambare, A Ali, ...
Parasites & vectors 8 (1), 1-15, 2015
Automatic detection of open and vegetated water bodies using Sentinel 1 to map African malaria vector mosquito breeding habitats
A Hardy, G Ettritch, DE Cross, P Bunting, F Liywalii, J Sakala, A Silumesii, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (5), 593, 2019
Enhancing digital elevation models for hydraulic modelling using flood frequency detection
G Ettritch, A Hardy, L Bojang, D Cross, P Bunting, P Brewer
Remote sensing of environment 217, 506-522, 2018
A detailed cloud fraction climatology of the Upper Indus Basin and its implications for near-surface air temperature
N Forsythe, AJ Hardy, HJ Fowler, S Blenkinsop, CG Kilsby, DR Archer, ...
Journal of climate 28 (9), 3537-3556, 2015
Living with a changing river and desert landscape at Amara West
JC Woodward, MG Macklin, N Spencer, M Binder, M Dalton, S Hay, ...
Nubia in the New Kingdom: Lived experience, pharaonic control and indigenous …, 2017
The Global Mangrove Watch—a new 2010 global baseline of mangrove extent. Rem. Sens. 10, 1669
P Bunting, A Rosenqvist, R Lucas, LM Rebelo, L Hilarides, N Thomas, ...
Characterising soil moisture in transport corridor environments using airborne LIDAR and CASI data
AJ Hardy, SL Barr, JP Mills, PE Miller
Hydrological Processes 26 (13), 1925-1936, 2012
Tropical Wetland (TropWet) Mapping Tool: The Automatic Detection of Open and Vegetated Waterbodies in Google Earth Engine for Tropical Wetlands
A Hardy, G Oakes, G Ettritch
Remote Sensing 12 (7), 1182, 2020
Using Continuous Change Detection and Classification of Landsat Data to Investigate Long-Term Mangrove Dynamics in the Sundarbans Region
K Awty-Carroll, P Bunting, A Hardy, G Bell
Remote Sensing 11 (23), 2833, 2019
Intelligent integration of multi-sensor data for risk assessment in transport corridor environments
PE Miller, AJ Hardy, JP Mills, SL Barr, SJ Birkinshaw, G Parkin, ...
International Arch. Photogramm., Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci, 6, 2009
Sensitivity Analysis of the DART Model for Forest Mensuration with Airborne Laser Scanning
O Roberts, P Bunting, A Hardy, D McInerney
Remote Sensing 12 (2), 247, 2020
An evaluation and comparison of four dense time series change detection methods using simulated data
K Awty-Carroll, P Bunting, A Hardy, G Bell
Remote Sensing 11 (23), 2779, 2019
Mapping soil moisture as an indicator of transport corridor slope instability using remotely sensed data
AJ Hardy
Journal of Maps 6 (sup1), 1-11, 2010
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