Noa Katz
Noa Katz
Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University
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צוטט על ידי
The contribution of shelter from rain to the success of pit-building predators in urban habitats
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Animal Behaviour 142, 139-145, 2018
The complex effect of illumination, temperature, and thermal acclimation on habitat choice and foraging behavior of a pit-building wormlion
N Katz, JN Pruitt, I Scharf
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71 (9), 1-11, 2017
The effect of fasting and body reserves on cold tolerance in 2 pit-building insect predators
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Habitat preference of wormlions and their behavioural repeatability under illumination/shade conditions
N Katz, A Subach, JN Pruitt, I Scharf
Ecological Entomology 41 (6), 716-726, 2016
Group dynamics and relocation decisions of a trap-building predator are differentially affected by biotic and abiotic factors
N Katz, R Shavit, JN Pruitt, I Scharf
Current zoology 63 (6), 647-655, 2017
Habitat geometry and limited perceptual range affect habitat choice of a trap-building predator
N Katz, I Scharf
Behavioral Ecology 29 (4), 958-964, 2018
Fitness effects of interspecific competition between two species of desert rodents
N Katz, T Dayan, N Kronfeld-Schor
Zoology 128, 62-68, 2018
Limited perceptual range and presence of conspecifics both affect the ability of pit-building wormlions to choose favorable microhabitats
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Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 66 (1-2), 48-56, 2020
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