Anna Papadopoulou
Anna Papadopoulou
University of Cyprus, Department of Biological Sciences
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צוטט על ידי
A comprehensive phylogeny of beetles reveals the evolutionary origins of a superradiation
T Hunt, J Bergsten, Z Levkanicova, A Papadopoulou, OS John, R Wild, ...
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Revisiting the insect mitochondrial molecular clock: the mid-Aegean trench calibration
A Papadopoulou, I Anastasiou, AP Vogler
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Speciation and DNA barcodes: testing the effects of dispersal on the formation of discrete sequence clusters
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Testing the species–genetic diversity correlation in the Aegean archipelago: toward a haplotype-based macroecology?
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Genomic tests of the species‐pump hypothesis: Recent island connectivity cycles drive population divergence but not speciation in Caribbean crickets across the Virgin Islands
A Papadopoulou, LL Knowles
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Diversity and diversification of Eumolpinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in New Caledonia
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Glacial refugia, recolonization patterns and diversification forces in Alpine‐endemic Megabunus harvestmen
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Metagenome skimming for phylogenetic community ecology: a new era in biodiversity research
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Linking micro‐and macroevolutionary perspectives to evaluate the role of Quaternary sea‐level oscillations in island diversification
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Automated DNA‐based plant identification for large‐scale biodiversity assessment
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Ecological constraints from incumbent clades drive trait evolution across the tree‐of‐life of freshwater macroinvertebrates
C Múrria, S Dolédec, A Papadopoulou, AP Vogler, N Bonada
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Genomic data reveal deep genetic structure but no support for current taxonomic designation in a grasshopper species complex
V Tonzo, A Papadopoulou, J Ortego
Molecular ecology 28 (17), 3869-3886, 2019
A new species of striped Ichthyophis Fitzinger, 1826 (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Ichthyophiidae) from Myanmar
M Wilkinson, B Presswell, E Sherratt, A Papadopoulou, DJ Gower
Zootaxa 3785 (1), 45-58, 2014
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