Erik Lundberg
Erik Lundberg
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
On the number of connected components of random algebraic hypersurfaces
YV Fyodorov, A Lerario, E Lundberg
Journal of Geometry and Physics 95, 1-20, 2015
Statistics on Hilbert's 16th problem
A Lerario, E Lundberg
International Mathematics Research Notices 2015 (12), 4293-4321, 2015
A tale of ellipsoids in potential theory
D Khavinson, E Lundberg
Not. AMS 61, 148-156, 2013
Remarks on Wilmshurst's theorem
SY Lee, A Lerario, E Lundberg
Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 1153-1167, 2015
An overdetermined problem in potential theory
D Khavinson, E Lundberg, R Teodorescu
Pacific Journal of Mathematics 265 (1), 85-111, 2013
Transcendental harmonic mappings and gravitational lensing by isothermal galaxies
D Khavinson, E Lundberg
Complex Analysis and Operator Theory 4 (3), 515-524, 2010
Random fields and the enumerative geometry of lines on real and complex hypersurfaces
S Basu, A Lerario, E Lundberg, C Peterson
Mathematische Annalen 374 (3), 1773-1810, 2019
Gap probabilities and Betti numbers of a random intersection of quadrics
A Lerario, E Lundberg
Discrete & Computational Geometry 55 (2), 462-496, 2016
Laplacian growth, elliptic growth, and singularities of the Schwarz potential
E Lundberg
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 44 (13), 135202, 2011
The search for singularities of solutions to the Dirichlet problem: recent developments
D Khavinson, E Lundberg
CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes 51, 121-132, 2010
Linear holomorphic partial differential equations and classical potential theory
D Khavinson, E Lundberg
American Mathematical Soc., 2018
Self-commutators of Toeplitz operators and isoperimetric inequalities
SR Bell, T Ferguson, E Lundberg
Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 114 (2), 115-132, 2014
Experiments on the zeros of harmonic polynomials using certified counting
JD Hauenstein, A Lerario, E Lundberg, D Mehta
Experimental Mathematics 24 (2), 133-141, 2015
Statistics on Hilbert's sixteenth problem
A Lerario, E Lundberg
arXiv preprint arXiv:1212.3823, 2012
On the zeros of random harmonic polynomials: the truncated model
A Lerario, E Lundberg
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 438 (2), 1041-1054, 2016
On the geometry of random lemniscates
A Lerario, E Lundberg
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 113 (5), 649-673, 2016
The Khavinson–Shapiro conjecture and polynomial decompositions
E Lundberg, H Render
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications 376 (2), 506-513, 2011
Dirichlet’s problem and complex lightning bolts
E Lundberg
Computational Methods and Function Theory 9 (1), 111-125, 2009
Topologies of random geometric complexes on Riemannian manifolds in the thermodynamic limit
A Auffinger, A Lerario, E Lundberg
International Mathematics Research Notices, 2018
Lemniscate growth
E Lundberg, V Totik
Analysis and Mathematical Physics 3 (1), 45-62, 2013
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