Travis Gagie
Travis Gagie
Associate Professor at Dalhousie University
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Lightweight data indexing and compression in external memory
P Ferragina, T Gagie, G Manzini
Algorithmica 63 (3), 707-730, 2012
Efficient fully-compressed sequence representations
J Barbay, F Claude, T Gagie, G Navarro, Y Nekrich
Algorithmica 69 (1), 232-268, 2014
New algorithms on wavelet trees and applications to information retrieval
T Gagie, G Navarro, SJ Puglisi
Theoretical Computer Science 426, 25-41, 2012
A faster grammar-based self-index
T Gagie, P Gawrychowski, J Kärkkäinen, Y Nekrich, SJ Puglisi
International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications …, 2012
Range quantile queries: Another virtue of wavelet trees
T Gagie, SJ Puglisi, A Turpin
International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval, 1-6, 2009
Succinct colored de Bruijn graphs
MD Muggli, A Bowe, NR Noyes, PS Morley, KE Belk, R Raymond, T Gagie, ...
Bioinformatics 33 (20), 3181-3187, 2017
Optimal-time text indexing in BWT-runs bounded space
T Gagie, G Navarro, N Prezza
Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete …, 2018
LZ77-based self-indexing with faster pattern matching
T Gagie, P Gawrychowski, J Kärkkäinen, Y Nekrich, SJ Puglisi
Latin American Symposium on Theoretical Informatics, 731-742, 2014
Colored range queries and document retrieval
T Gagie, J Kärkkäinen, G Navarro, SJ Puglisi
Theoretical Computer Science 483, 36-50, 2013
Composite repetition-aware data structures
D Belazzougui, F Cunial, T Gagie, N Prezza, M Raffinot
Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, 26-39, 2015
Variable-order de Bruijn graphs
C Boucher, A Bowe, T Gagie, SJ Puglisi, K Sadakane
2015 data compression conference, 383-392, 2015
Wheeler graphs: A framework for BWT-based data structures
T Gagie, G Manzini, J Sirén
Theoretical computer science 698, 67-78, 2017
Fully functional suffix trees and optimal text searching in BWT-runs bounded space
T Gagie, G Navarro, N Prezza
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 67 (1), 1-54, 2020
Approximate pattern matching in LZ77-compressed texts
T Gagie, P Gawrychowski, SJ Puglisi
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Large alphabets and incompressibility
T Gagie
Information Processing Letters 99 (6), 246-251, 2006
Queries on LZ-bounded encodings
D Belazzougui, T Gagie, P Gawrychowski, J Kärkkäinen, A Ordónez, ...
2015 Data Compression Conference, 83-92, 2015
Move-to-front, distance coding, and inversion frequencies revisited
T Gagie, G Manzini
Theoretical computer science 411 (31-33), 2925-2944, 2010
Approximating LZ77 via small-space multiple-pattern matching
J Fischer, T Gagie, P Gawrychowski, T Kociumaka
Algorithms-ESA 2015, 533-544, 2015
A subquadratic algorithm for minimum palindromic factorization
G Fici, T Gagie, J Kärkkäinen, D Kempa
Journal of Discrete Algorithms 28, 41-48, 2014
Hybrid indexes for repetitive datasets
H Ferrada, T Gagie, T Hirvola, SJ Puglisi
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2014
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