Primoz Ziherl
Primoz Ziherl
professor of physics, University of Ljubljana, and researcher at Jozef Stefan Institute
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צוטט על ידי
Maximizing entropy by minimizing area: Towards a new principle of self-organization
P Ziherl, RD Kamien
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (42), 10147-10158, 2001
Mosaic two-lengthscale quasicrystals
T Dotera, T Oshiro, P Ziherl
Nature 506 (7487), 208-211, 2014
Soap froths and crystal structures
P Ziherl, RD Kamien
Physical review letters 85 (16), 3528, 2000
Soft spheres make more mesophases
MA Glaser, GM Grason, RD Kamien, A Košmrlj, CD Santangelo, P Ziherl
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 78 (4), 46004, 2007
Field-induced self-assembly of suspended colloidal membranes
N Osterman, I Poberaj, J Dobnikar, D Frenkel, P Ziherl, D Babić
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Embryo-scale tissue mechanics during Drosophila gastrulation movements
M Rauzi, U Krzic, TE Saunders, M Krajnc, P Ziherl, L Hufnagel, M Leptin
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-12, 2015
Observation of condensed phases of quasiplanar core-softened colloids
N Osterman, D Babič, I Poberaj, J Dobnikar, P Ziherl
Physical review letters 99 (24), 248301, 2007
The cooperative role of membrane skeleton and bilayer in the mechanical behaviour of red blood cells
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S Ponti, P Ziherl, C Ferrero, S Zumer
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Pseudo-Casimir structural force drives spinodal dewetting in nematic liquid crystals
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Three-dimensional analysis of lipid vesicle transformations
A Sakashita, N Urakami, P Ziherl, M Imai
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A model of epithelial invagination driven by collective mechanics of identical cells
AH Brezavšček, M Rauzi, M Leptin, P Ziherl
Biophysical journal 103 (5), 1069-1077, 2012
Nonaxisymmetric phospholipid vesicles: Rackets, boomerangs, and starfish
P Ziherl, S Svetina
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Flat and sigmoidally curved contact zones in vesicle–vesicle adhesion
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Physical Models of Mesoderm Invagination in Drosophila Embryo
M Rauzi, AH Brezavšček, P Ziherl, M Leptin
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Wetting-driven Casimir force in nematic liquid crystals
P Ziherl, R Podgornik, S Žumer
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Pseudo-Casimir effect in nematic liquid crystals in frustrating geometries
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Quantitative morphology of epithelial folds
N Štorgel, M Krajnc, P Mrak, J Štrus, P Ziherl
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