Jacob Silverman
Jacob Silverman
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Coral reefs may start dissolving when atmospheric CO2 doubles
J Silverman, B Lazar, L Cao, K Caldeira, J Erez
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Reversal of ocean acidification enhances net coral reef calcification
R Albright, L Caldeira, J Hosfelt, L Kwiatkowski, JK Maclaren, BM Mason, ...
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Effect of aragonite saturation, temperature, and nutrients on the community calcification rate of a coral reef
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J Erez, S Reynaud, J Silverman, K Schneider, D Allemand
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A short-term in situ CO 2 enrichment experiment on Heron Island (GBR)
DI Kline, L Teneva, K Schneider, T Miard, A Chai, M Marker, K Headley, ...
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Potential influence of sea cucumbers on coral reef CaCO3 budget: A case study at One Tree Reef
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Interannual thermohaline (1979–2014) and nutrient (2002–2014) dynamics in the Levantine surface and intermediate water masses, SE Mediterranean Sea
T Ozer, I Gertman, N Kress, J Silverman, B Herut
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Carbon turnover rates in the One Tree Island reef: A 40‐year perspective
J Silverman, DI Kline, L Johnson, T Rivlin, K Schneider, J Erez, B Lazar, ...
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Massive light-dependent cycling of inorganic carbon between oxygenic photosynthetic microorganisms and their surroundings
D Tchernov, J Silverman, B Luz, L Reinhold, A Kaplan
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Community metabolism of a coral reef exposed to naturally varying dissolved inorganic nutrient loads
J Silverman, B Lazar, J Erez
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Taking the metabolic pulse of the world’s coral reefs
T Cyronak, AJ Andersson, C Langdon, R Albright, NR Bates, K Caldeira, ...
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Community calcification in Lizard Island, great barrier reef: a 33 year perspective
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Impact of brine and antiscalants on reef-building corals in the Gulf of Aqaba–Potential effects from desalination plants
KL Petersen, A Paytan, E Rahav, O Levy, J Silverman, O Barzel, D Potts, ...
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K Schneider, J Silverman, B Kravitz, T Rivlin, A Schneider-Mor, S Barbosa, ...
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Observations and modeling of a pulsating density current
E Biton, J Silverman, H Gildor
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Recent environmental changes in the chemical-biological oceanography of the Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat)
B Lazar, J Erez, J Silverman, T Rivlin, A Rivlin, M Dray, E Meeder, D Iluz
Aqaba-Eilat, the Improbable Gulf. Environment, Biodiversity and Preservation …, 2008
Trace metal bioaccumulation in Israeli Mediterranean coastal marine mollusks
E Shefer, J Silverman, B Herut
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Water chemistry reveals a significant decline in coral calcification rates in the southern Red Sea
Z Steiner, AV Turchyn, E Harpaz, J Silverman
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Coral reef calcification and production after the 2016 bleaching event at Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef
A McMahon, IR Santos, KG Schulz, A Scott, J Silverman, KL Davis, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 124 (6), 4003-4016, 2019
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