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Kok Siew Ng
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צוטט על ידי
Biorefineries and Chemical Processes: Design, Integration and Sustainability Analysis
J Sadhukhan, KS Ng, E Martinez Hernandez
Techno-economic analysis of polygeneration systems with carbon capture and storage and CO2 reuse
KS Ng, N Zhang, J Sadhukhan
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Role of bioenergy, biorefinery and bioeconomy in sustainable development: Strategic pathways for Malaysia
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Process integration and economic analysis of bio-oil platform for the production of methanol and combined heat and power
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Novel macroalgae (seaweed) biorefinery systems for integrated chemical, protein, salt, nutrient and mineral extractions and environmental protection by green synthesis and life …
J Sadhukhan, S Gadkari, E Martinez-Hernandez, KS Ng, M Shemfe, ...
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Novel integrated mechanical biological chemical treatment (MBCT) systems for the production of levulinic acid from fraction of municipal solid waste: A comprehensive techno …
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A multilevel sustainability analysis of zinc recovery from wastes
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A systematic framework for energetic, environmental and economic (3E) assessment and design of polygeneration systems
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Integrated biorefineries
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