Rachel Denison
Rachel Denison
Assistant Professor, Boston University
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צוטט על ידי
Suboptimality in perceptual decision making
D Rahnev, RN Denison
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Humans incorporate attention-dependent uncertainty into perceptual decisions and confidence
RN Denison, WT Adler, M Carrasco, WJ Ma
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Predictive context influences perceptual selection during binocular rivalry
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The confidence database
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Insights into the molecular basis of social behaviour from studies on the honeybee, Apis mellifera
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Attention flexibly trades off across points in time
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Behavior is sensible but not globally optimal: Seeking common ground in the optimality debate
D Rahnev, RN Denison
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Modulation of neural activity by motivational and spatial biases
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Precision, Not Confidence, Describes the Uncertainty of Perceptual Experience: Comment on John Morrison’s “Perceptual Confidence”
R Denison
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Temporal structure and complexity affect audio-visual correspondence detection
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Directing voluntary temporal attention increases fixational stability
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Perceptual suppression of predicted natural images
RN Denison, J Sheynin, MA Silver
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Temporal attention improves perception similarly at foveal and parafoveal locations
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Recent cross-modal statistical learning influences visual perceptual selection
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Modeling pupil responses to rapid sequential events
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Filling-in rivalry: Perceptual alternations in the absence of retinal image conflict
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A dynamic normalization model of temporal attention
RN Denison, M Carrasco, DJ Heeger
bioRxiv, 2019
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