Farhan Ali
Farhan Ali
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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צוטט על ידי
The use of mean instead of smallest interspecific distances exaggerates the size of the “barcoding gap” and leads to misidentification
R Meier, G Zhang, F Ali
Systematic biology 57 (5), 809-813, 2008
The basal ganglia is necessary for learning spectral, but not temporal, features of birdsong
F Ali, TM Otchy, C Pehlevan, AL Fantana, Y Burak, BP Ölveczky
Neuron 80 (2), 494-506, 2013
Fast and slow transitions in frontal ensemble activity during flexible sensorimotor behavior
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Ketamine disinhibits dendrites and enhances calcium signals in prefrontal dendritic spines
F Ali, DM Gerhard, K Sweasy, S Pothula, C Pittenger, RS Duman, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-15, 2020
Positive Selection in ASPM Is Correlated with Cerebral Cortex Evolution across Primates but Not with Whole-Brain Size
F Ali, R Meier
Molecular biology and evolution 25 (11), 2247-2250, 2008
Software review: The newest kid on the parsimony block: TNT (Tree analysis using new technology)
R Meier, FB Ali
Systematic Entomology 30 (1), 179-182, 2005
The need for specifying species concepts: How many species of silvered langurs (Trachypithecus cristatus group) should be recognized?
TSH Denise, F Ali, SN Kutty, R Meier
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Interpreting in vivo calcium signals from neuronal cell bodies, axons, and dendrites: a review
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Primate home range and GRIN2A, a receptor gene involved in neuronal plasticity: implications for the evolution of spatial memory
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Flexibility in motor timing constrains the topology and dynamics of pattern generator circuits
C Pehlevan, F Ali, BP Ölveczky
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Parvalbumin-Positive Neuron Loss and Amyloid-β Deposits in the Frontal Cortex of Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Mice
F Ali, SL Baringer, A Neal, EY Choi, AC Kwan
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 72 (4), 1323-1339, 2019
Supporting undergraduate research
F Ali, NM Jadavji, WCH Ong, KR Pandey, AN Patananan, HK Prabhala, ...
Science 317 (5834), 42-42, 2007
Cumulative effects of social stress on reward-guided actions and prefrontal cortical activity
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Nanoscopic visualization of restricted nonvolume cholinergic and monoaminergic transmission with genetically encoded sensors
PK Zhu, WS Zheng, P Zhang, M Jing, PM Borden, F Ali, K Guo, J Feng, ...
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Inhibitory regulation of calcium transients in prefrontal dendritic spines is compromised by a nonsense Shank3 mutation
F Ali, LX Shao, DM Gerhard, K Sweasy, S Pothula, C Pittenger, ...
Molecular psychiatry, 1-22, 2020
Gaps in educational outcomes: analysing national examination performance of Singaporean Malay and non-Malay students in the past 20 years
F Ali
Asia Pacific Journal of Education 36 (4), 473-487, 2016
Flexibility in motor timing constrains the topology and dynamics of pattern generator circuits. bioRxiv
C Pehlevan, F Ali, BP Olveczky
The cultured brain: Interplay of genes, brain, and culture
F Ali, TB Penney
Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology, 2010
Psychologists without borders: a graduate student perspective on interdisciplinary research
F Ali
APS Observer 22 (10), 2009
Igniting Though, Unleashing Youth: Perspectives on Muslim Youth and Activism in Singapore
M Nawab, F Ali
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