Ulrich Kuhl
Ulrich Kuhl
Professor for Physiks, INPHYNI, University Côte d'Azur, Nice, France
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צוטט על ידי
Dynamically encircling an exceptional point for asymmetric mode switching
J Doppler, AA Mailybaev, J Böhm, U Kuhl, A Girschik, F Libisch, ...
Nature 537 (7618), 76-79, 2016
Selective enhancement of topologically induced interface states in a dielectric resonator chain
C Poli, M Bellec, U Kuhl, F Mortessagne, H Schomerus
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-5, 2015
Experimental observation of the mobility edge in a waveguide with correlated disorder
U Kuhl, FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin, HJ Stöckmann
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Freak waves in the linear regime: A microwave study
R Höhmann, U Kuhl, HJ Stöckmann, L Kaplan, EJ Heller
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Topological transition of Dirac points in a microwave experiment
M Bellec, U Kuhl, G Montambaux, F Mortessagne
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Microwave studies of billiard Green functions and propagators
J Stein, HJ Stöckmann, U Stoffregen
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Microwave realization of the Hofstadter butterfly
U Kuhl, HJ Stöckmann
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First experimental realization of the Dirac oscillator
JA Franco-Villafañe, E Sadurni, S Barkhofen, U Kuhl, F Mortessagne, ...
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Distribution of reflection coefficients in absorbing chaotic microwave cavities
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Enhancement of localization in one-dimensional random potentials with long-range correlations
U Kuhl, FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin
Physical review letters 100 (12), 126402, 2008
Direct processes in chaotic microwave cavities in the presence of absorption
U Kuhl, M Martínez-Mares, RA Méndez-Sánchez, HJ Stöckmann
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Classical wave experiments on chaotic scattering
U Kuhl, HJ Stöckmann, R Weaver
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 38 (49), 10433, 2005
Dynamical tunneling in mushroom billiards
A Bäcker, R Ketzmerick, S Löck, M Robnik, G Vidmar, R Höhmann, U Kuhl, ...
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Dirac point and edge states in a microwave realization of tight-binding graphene-like structures
U Kuhl, S Barkhofen, T Tudorovskiy, HJ Stöckmann, T Hossain, ...
Physical Review B 82 (9), 094308, 2010
Scarred and chaotic field distributions in a three-dimensional Sinai-microwave resonator
U Dörr, HJ Stöckmann, M Barth, U Kuhl
Physical review letters 80 (5), 1030, 1998
Probing decoherence through Fano resonances
A Bärnthaler, S Rotter, F Libisch, J Burgdörfer, S Gehler, U Kuhl, ...
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Effective Hamiltonian for a microwave billiard with attached waveguide
HJ Stöckmann, E Persson, YH Kim, M Barth, U Kuhl, I Rotter
Physical Review E 65 (6), 066211, 2002
Resonance widths in open microwave cavities studied by harmonic inversion
U Kuhl, R Höhmann, J Main, HJ Stöckmann
Physical review letters 100 (25), 254101, 2008
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