Valentin Demidov
Valentin Demidov
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College
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Hybrid M-mode-like OCT imaging of three-dimensional microvasculature in vivo using reference-free processing of complex valued B-scans
LA Matveev, VY Zaitsev, GV Gelikonov, AL Matveyev, AA Moiseev, ...
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A Shabunin, V Astakhov, V Demidov, A Provata, F Baras, G Nicolis, ...
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Preclinical longitudinal imaging of tumor microvascular radiobiological response with functional optical coherence tomography
V Demidov, A Maeda, M Sugita, V Madge, S Sadanand, C Flueraru, ...
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Talin Is Required Continuously for Cardiomyocyte Remodeling during Heart Growth in Drosophila
S Bogatan, D Cevik, V Demidov, J Vanderploeg, A Panchbhaya, A Vitkin, ...
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OCT-based label-free 3D mapping of lymphatic vessels and transparent interstitial-fluid-filled dislocations
LA Matveev, VV Demidov, AA Sovetsky, AA Moiseev, AL Matveyev, ...
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OCT lymphangiography based on speckle statistics evaluation
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Saratov Fall Meeting 2018: Optical and Nano-Technologies for Biology and …, 2019
Scan-pattern and signal processing for microvasculature visualization with complex SD-OCT: tissue-motion artifacts robustness and decorrelation time-blood vessel characteristics
LA Matveev, VY Zaitsev, GV Gelikonov, AL Matveyev, AA Moiseev, ...
Saratov Fall Meeting 2014: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine …, 2015
Novel methodology to image stromal tissue and assess its morphological features with polarized light: towards a tumour microenvironment prognostic signature
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Biomedical optics express 10 (8), 3963-3973, 2019
Preclinical quantitative in-vivo assessment of skin tissue vascularity in radiation-induced fibrosis with optical coherence tomography
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Multistability and synchronization of chaos in maps with “Internal” coupling
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Dual-agent photodynamic therapy with optical clearing eradicates pigmented melanoma in preclinical tumor models
L Pires, V Demidov, BC Wilson, AG Salvio, L Moriyama, VS Bagnato, ...
Cancers 12 (7), 1956, 2020
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