Simon Uribe-Convers
Simon Uribe-Convers
Senior Clinical Informatics Scientist - Invitae
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A phylogenomic approach based on PCR target enrichment and high throughput sequencing: Resolving the diversity within the South American species of Bartsia L.(Orobanchaceae)
S Uribe-Convers, ML Settles, DC Tank
PLoS One 11 (2), e0148203, 2016
Practical considerations for plant phylogenomics
MR McKain, MG Johnson, S Uribe-Convers, D Eaton, Y Yang
Applications in Plant Sciences 6 (3), e1038, 2018
Reciprocal hybridization at different times between Senecio flavus and Senecio glaucus gave rise to two polyploid species in north Africa and south‐west Asia
JW Kadereit, S Uribe‐Convers, E Westberg, HP Comes
New Phytologist 169 (2), 431-441, 2006
A long PCR–based approach for DNA enrichment prior to next‐generation sequencing for systematic studies
S Uribe‐Convers, JR Duke, MJ Moore, DC Tank
Applications in Plant Sciences 2 (1), 1300063, 2014
Shifts in diversification rates linked to biogeographic movement into new areas: An example of a recent radiation in the Andes
S Uribe‐Convers, DC Tank
American journal of Botany 102 (11), 1854-1869, 2015
Oligocene niche shift, Miocene diversification – cold tolerance and accelerated speciation rates in the St. John’s Worts (Hypericum, Hypericaceae)
NM Nürk, S Uribe-Convers, B Gehrke, DC Tank, FR Blattner
BMC evolutionary biology 15 (1), 80, 2015
High‐throughput sequencing data clarify evolutionary relationships among North American Vitis species and improve identification in USDA Vitis germplasm …
LL Klein, AJ Miller, C Ciotir, K Hyma, S Uribe‐Convers, J Londo
American journal of botany 105 (2), 215-226, 2018
Incongruence in molecular species delimitation schemes: What to do when adding more data is difficult
SJ Jacobs, C Kristofferson, S Uribe‐Convers, M Latvis, DC Tank
Molecular Ecology 27 (10), 2397-2413, 2018
Phylogenetic relationships of Burmeistera (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae): Combining whole plastome with targeted loci data in a recent radiation
S Uribe-Convers, MM Carlsen, LP Lagomarsino, N Muchhala
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2017
Primers for Castilleja and their utility across Orobanchaceae: I. Chloroplast primers1
M Latvis, SME Mortimer, DF Morales‐Briones, S Torpey, S Uribe‐Convers, ...
Applications in plant sciences 5 (9), 1700020, 2017
Phylogenetic revision of the genus Bartsia (Orobanchaceae): disjunct distributions correlate to independent lineages
S Uribe-Convers, DC Tank
Systematic Botany, 2016
Species designation of the Bruneau Dune tiger beetle (Cicindela waynei) is supported by phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequence data
CS Goldberg, DC Tank, S Uribe-Convers, WR Bosworth, HE Marx, ...
Conservation Genetics 13 (2), 373-380, 2012
Utility of targeted sequence capture for phylogenomics in rapid, recent angiosperm radiations: Neotropical Burmeistera bellflowers as a case study
JC Bagley, S Uribe-Convers, MM Carlsen, N Muchhala
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 106769, 2020
Phylogenomic Insights Into the Radiation of an Andean Group of Plants
S Uribe-Convers
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA, 2014
Neobartsia matuy (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Colombian Andes
MP Malagón, H Mendoza-Cifuentes, S Gómez-Parra, S Uribe-Convers
Phytotaxa 424 (2), 87-96, 2019
Bartsia. In: Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds. 1993+.
C Randle, S Uribe-Convers
Flora of North America North of Mexico. 20+ vols. 17, 488-499, 2019
Molecular phylogeny for the Colombian species of páramo, for the genera Bartsia and Castilleja (Orobanchaceae)
S Uribe-Convers
Thesis B.Sc. Biology, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, 2008
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