Eric M. Holland
Eric M. Holland
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Acute noncardiovascular illness in the cardiac intensive care unit
EM Holland, TJ Moss
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 69 (16), 1999-2007, 2017
Obesity paradox in heart failure: a heavy matter
V Nagarajan, L Kohan, E Holland, EC Keeley, S Mazimba
ESC heart failure 3 (4), 227-234, 2016
Obesity paradox in group 1 pulmonary hypertension: analysis of the NIH-Pulmonary Hypertension registry
S Mazimba, E Holland, V Nagarajan, AD Mihalek, JLW Kennedy, ...
International Journal of Obesity 41 (8), 1164-1168, 2017
Clinical characteristics, sex differences, and outcomes in patients with normal or near‐normal coronary arteries, non‐obstructive or obstructive coronary artery disease
ML Ouellette, AI Löffler, GA Beller, VK Workman, E Holland, JM Bourque
Journal of the American Heart Association 7 (10), e007965, 2018
High-frequency QRS analysis to supplement ST evaluation in exercise stress electrocardiography: incremental diagnostic accuracy and net reclassification
PC Balfour, JA Gonzalez, PW Shaw, MP Caminero, EM Holland, ...
Journal of Nuclear Cardiology 27 (6), 2063-2075, 2020
Clinical evaluation of whole-heart quantitative adenosine stress cmr with motion-compensated l1-spirit
M Salerno, Y Yang, S McHugh, E Holland, J Pan, C Meyer, A Taylor, ...
Proc Intl Soc Mag Reson Med 25, 528, 2017
Diagnostic Accuracy of Spiral Whole‐Heart Quantitative Adenosine Stress Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance With Motion Compensated L1‐SPIRIT
JA Pan, AA Robinson, Y Yang, PR Lozano, S McHugh, EM Holland, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2021
Biomarker and Echocardiographic Trends in Cardiac Amyloidosis Patients Managed With Doxycycline
EM Holland, G Eubanks, D Duddleston, BC Jensen, PP Chang, M Byku
Circulation 140 (Suppl_1), A16134-A16134, 2019
Reducing Radiation Exposure and Contrast Use in Pre-TAVR Evaluation by Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA): A Quality Improvement Project
EM Holland, AI Loffler, JA Gonzalez, CK Lamie, PW Shaw, PC Balfour, ...
Circulation 134 (suppl_1), A17893-A17893, 2016
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