Pippin M. L. Anderson
Pippin M. L. Anderson
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Sustainable multifunctional landscapes: a review to implementation
PJ O’Farrell, PML Anderson
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More than just a corridor: A suburban river catchment enhances bird functional diversity
J Suri, PM Anderson, T Charles-Dominique, E Hellard, GS Cumming
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Urban ecological and social-ecological research in the City of Cape Town: insights emerging from an urban ecology CityLab
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Methodological and empirical considerations when assessing freshwater ecosystem service provision in a developing city context: Making the best of what we have
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Seedling recruitment responses to interventions in seed-based ecological restoration of Peninsula Shale Renosterveld, Cape Town
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People, the Cape floristic region, and sustainability
N Allsopp, PML Anderson, PM Holmes, A Melin, PJ O'farrell
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