Alexandre Villers
Alexandre Villers
Office Français de la Biodiversité, Direction de la Recherche et de l'Appui Scientifique, Unité
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Rapid recovery of a depleted population of Little Bustards Tetrax tetrax following provision of alfalfa through an agri‐environment scheme
V Bretagnolle, A Villers, L Denonfoux, T Cornulier, P Inchausti, ...
Ibis 153 (1), 4-13, 2011
Long‐term breeding demography and density dependence in an increasing population of Golden Eagles Aquila chrysaetos
P Fasce, L Fasce, A Villers, F Bergese, V Bretagnolle
Ibis 153 (3), 581-591, 2011
Carotenoids in nestling Montagu’s harriers: variations according to age, sex, body condition and evidence for diet-related limitations
A Sternalski, F Mougeot, C Eraud, B Gangloff, A Villers, V Bretagnolle
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 180 (1), 33-43, 2010
Competitors and predators alter settlement patterns and reproductive success of an intraguild prey
C Morosinotto, A Villers, RL Thomson, R Varjonen, E Korpimäki
Ecological Monographs 87 (1), 4-20, 2017
Responses of seabirds to the rabbit eradication on Ile Verte, sub‐Antarctic Kerguelen Archipelago
S Brodier, B Pisanu, A Villers, E Pettex, M Lioret, JL Chapuis, ...
Animal Conservation 14 (5), 459-465, 2011
Migration of wild and captive‐bred Little Bustards Tetrax tetrax: releasing birds from Spain threatens attempts to conserve declining French populations
A Villers, A Millon, F Jiguet, JM LETT, C Attié, MB Morales, V Bretagnolle
Ibis 152 (2), 254-261, 2010
Coping with fast climate change in northern ecosystems: Mechanisms underlying the population‐level response of a specialist avian predator
J Terraube, A Villers, L Ruffino, L Iso‐Iivari, H Henttonen, T Oksanen, ...
Ecography 38 (7), 690-699, 2015
Avian top predator and the landscape of fear: responses of mammalian mesopredators to risk imposed by the golden eagle
MS Lyly, A Villers, E Koivisto, P Helle, T Ollila, E Korpimäki
Ecology and Evolution 5 (2), 503-514, 2015
How individual Montagu's Harriers cope with Moreau's Paradox during the Sahelian winter
AE Schlaich, RHG Klaassen, W Bouten, V Bretagnolle, BJ Koks, A Villers, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (6), 1491-1501, 2016
Increased autumn rainfall disrupts predator–prey interactions in fragmented boreal forests
J Terraube, A Villers, L Poudré, R Varjonen, E Korpimäki
Global change biology 23 (4), 1361-1373, 2017
Temporal peaks in social information: prospectors investigate conspecific nests after a simulated predator visit
RL Thomson, PM Sirkiä, A Villers, T Laaksonen
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67 (6), 905-911, 2013
Mitochondrial DNA analysis reveals Holarctic homogeneity and a distinct Mediterranean lineage in the Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
C Nebel, A Gamauf, E Haring, G Segelbacher, A Villers, FE Zachos
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 116 (2), 328-340, 2015
Assessing non-intended effects of farming practices on field margin vegetation with a functional approach
G Fried, A Villers, E Porcher
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 261, 33-44, 2018
Passive integrated transponders (PIT) on a small migratory passerine bird: absence of deleterious short and long-term effects
CP Ratnayake, C Morosinotto, S Ruuskanen, A Villers, RL Thomson
Ornis Fennica 91 (4), 244, 2014
Post-fledging movements of white-tailed eagles: Conservation implications for wind-energy development
F Balotari-Chiebao, A Villers, A Ijäs, O Ovaskainen, S Repka, ...
Ambio 45 (7), 831-840, 2016
A circannual perspective on daily and total flight distances in a long-distance migratory raptor, the Montagu's harrier, Circus pygargus
AE Schlaich, W Bouten, V Bretagnolle, H Heldbjerg, RHG Klaassen, ...
Biology letters 13 (6), 20170073, 2017
Long‐term decline despite conservation efforts questions Eurasian Stone‐curlew population viability in intensive farmlands
E Gaget, R Fay, S Augiron, A Villers, V Bretagnolle
Ibis 161 (2), 359-371, 2019
Food supplementation and predation risk in harsh climate: interactive effects on abundance and body condition of tit species
C Morosinotto, A Villers, R Varjonen, E Korpimäki
Oikos 126 (6), 863-873, 2017
Winter spatial distribution of threatened acridivorous avian predators: Implications for their conservation in a changing landscape
S Augiron, B Gangloff, S Brodier, F Chevreux, JF Blanc, P Pilard, A Coly, ...
Journal of Arid Environments 113, 145-153, 2015
Predation risk landscape modifies flying and red squirrel nest site occupancy independently of habitat amount
T Turkia, E Korpimäki, A Villers, V Selonen
PloS one 13 (3), e0194624, 2018
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