Graham P Wallis
Graham P Wallis
Emeritus Professor, University of Otago
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צוטט על ידי
New Zealand phylogeography: evolution on a small continent
GP Wallis, SA Trewick
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Restricted gene flow in a moving hybrid zone of the newts Triturus cristatus and T. marmoratus in western France
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Inbreeding and endangered species management: is New Zealand out of step with the rest of the world?
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Penguins, petrels, and parsimony: Does cladistic analysis of behavior reflect seabird phylogeny?
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Heterozygosity–fitness correlations and their relevance to studies on inbreeding depression in threatened species
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Transverse Alpine Speciation Driven by Glaciation
GP Wallis, JM Waters, P Upton, D Craw
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31 (12), 916-926, 2016
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