Kee Sup Kim
Kee Sup Kim
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Phase-sensitive observation of a spin-orbital Mott state in Sr2IrO4
BJ Kim, H Ohsumi, T Komesu, S Sakai, T Morita, H Takagi, T Arima
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Robust system design with built-in soft-error resilience
S Mitra, N Seifert, M Zhang, Q Shi, KS Kim
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Occurrences, toxicities, and ecological risks of benzophenone-3, a common component of organic sunscreen products: a mini-review
S Kim, K Choi
Environment international 70, 143-157, 2014
Sequential element design with built-in soft error resilience
M Zhang, S Mitra, TM Mak, N Seifert, NJ Wang, Q Shi, KS Kim, ...
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X-compact: An efficient response compaction technique
S Mitra, KS Kim
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X-compact: An efficient response compaction technique for test cost reduction
S Mitra, KS Kim
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Cures for the shock instability: Development of a shock-stable Roe scheme
S Kim, C Kim, OH Rho, SK Hong
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Distinct spinon and holon dispersions in photoemission spectral functions from one-dimensional SrCuO 2
BJ Kim, H Koh, E Rotenberg, SJ Oh, H Eisaki, N Motoyama, S Uchida, ...
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Combinational logic soft error correction
S Mitra, M Zhang, S Waqas, N Seifert, B Gill, KS Kim
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Total synthesis of erythromycins. 4. Total synthesis of erythronolide B
EJ Corey, S Kim, SE Yoo, KC Nicolaou, LS Melvin Jr, DJ Brunelle, ...
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Chemically grown, porous, nickel oxide thin-film for electrochemical supercapacitors
AI Inamdar, YS Kim, SM Pawar, JH Kim, H Im, H Kim
Journal of Power Sources 196 (4), 2393-2397, 2011
Two-Dimensional Heisenberg Behavior of Isospins in the Paramagnetic State of the Spin-Orbital Mott Insulator
S Fujiyama, H Ohsumi, T Komesu, J Matsuno, BJ Kim, M Takata, T Arima, ...
Physical review letters 108 (24), 247212, 2012
Preparation of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) from Sludge Produced by Titanium Tetrachloride (TiCl4) Flocculation of Wastewater
HK Shon, S Vigneswaran, IS Kim, J Cho, GJ Kim, JB Kim, JH Kim
Environmental science & technology 41 (4), 1372-1377, 2007
Ferroelectricity Driven by Y -ness with Rehybridization in
DY Cho, JY Kim, BG Park, KJ Rho, JH Park, HJ Noh, BJ Kim, SJ Oh, ...
Physical Review Letters 98 (21), 217601, 2007
Thyroid disruption by triphenyl phosphate, an organophosphate flame retardant, in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos/larvae, and in GH3 and FRTL-5 cell lines
S Kim, J Jung, I Lee, D Jung, H Youn, K Choi
Aquatic Toxicology 160, 188-196, 2015
Delay defect characteristics and testing strategies
KS Kim, S Mitra, PG Ryan
IEEE Design & Test of Computers 20 (5), 8-16, 2003
Scan-based built-in self test (BIST) with automatic reseeding of pattern generator
KS Kim
US Patent 5,574,733, 1996
Tribological properties of copper alloy-based composites reinforced with tungsten carbide particles
E Hong, B Kaplin, T You, M Suh, YS Kim, H Choe
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XPAND: An efficient test stimulus compression technique
S Mitra, KS Kim
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Rapid increase of scrub typhus, South Korea, 2001–2006
SS Kweon, JS Choi, HS Lim, JR Kim, KY Kim, SY Ryu, HS Yoo, O Park
Emerging infectious diseases 15 (7), 1127, 2009
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