Xitong Liu
Xitong Liu
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צוטט על ידי
Application potential of carbon nanotubes in water treatment: a review
X Liu, M Wang, S Zhang, B Pan
Journal of Environmental Sciences 25 (7), 1263-1280, 2013
Enhanced removal of fluoride by polystyrene anion exchanger supported hydrous zirconium oxide nanoparticles
B Pan, J Xu, B Wu, Z Li, X Liu
Environmental science & technology 47 (16), 9347-9354, 2013
Interactions of graphene oxide with model cell membranes: Probing nanoparticle attachment and lipid bilayer disruption
X Liu, KL Chen
Langmuir 31 (44), 12076-12086, 2015
Physical, chemical, and in vitro toxicological characterization of nanoparticles in chemical mechanical planarization suspensions used in the semiconductor industry: towards …
D Speed, P Westerhoff, R Sierra-Alvarez, R Draper, P Pantano, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 2 (3), 227-244, 2015
Heteroaggregation of graphene oxide with nanometer-and micrometer-sized hematite colloids: Influence on nanohybrid aggregation and microparticle sedimentation
Y Feng, X Liu, KA Huynh, JM McCaffery, L Mao, S Gao, KL Chen
Environmental science & technology 51 (12), 6821-6828, 2017
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S Zhang, X Liu, M Wang, B Wu, B Pan, H Yang, HQ Yu
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Non-hydroxyl radical mediated photochemical processes for dye degradation
X Liu, X Song, S Zhang, M Wang, B Pan
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Photodegradation of Acid Orange 7 in a UV/acetylacetone process
M Wang, X Liu, B Pan, S Zhang
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Influence of solution chemistry and soft protein coronas on the interactions of silver nanoparticles with model biological membranes
Q Wang, M Lim, X Liu, Z Wang, KL Chen
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Mechanisms of Humic Acid Fouling on Capacitive and Insertion Electrodes for Electrochemical Desalination
X Liu, JF Whitacre, MS Mauter
Environmental Science & Technology 52 (21), 12633–12641, 2018
Sulfur loading and speciation control the hydrophobicity, electron transfer, reactivity, and selectivity of sulfidized nanoscale zerovalent iron
J Xu, A Avellan, H Li, X Liu, V Noël, Z Lou, Y Wang, R Kaegi, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (17), 1906910, 2020
Aggregation and interactions of chemical mechanical planarization nanoparticles with model biological membranes: role of phosphate adsorption
X Liu, KL Chen
Environmental Science: Nano 3 (1), 146-156, 2016
Applicability of the linear solvation energy relationships in the prediction for adsorption of aromatic compounds on activated carbons from aqueous solutions
S Zhang, X Liu, T Karanfil
Separation and Purification Technology 117, 111-117, 2013
Adsorption of Human Serum Albumin on Graphene Oxide: Implications for Protein Corona Formation and Conformation
X Liu, C Yan, KL Chen
Environmental science & technology 53 (15), 8631-8639, 2019
Light-triggered reversible sorption of azo dyes on titanium xerogels with photo-switchable acetylacetonato anchors
S Zhang, Y Peng, W Jiang, X Liu, X Song, B Pan, HQ Yu
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Iron in non-hydroxyl radical mediated photochemical processes for dye degradation: Catalyst or inhibitor?
B Wu, S Zhang, X Li, X Liu, B Pan
Chemosphere 131, 55-62, 2015
Understanding and mitigating performance decline in electrochemical deionization
X Liu, S Shanbhag, MS Mauter
Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 25, 67-74, 2019
Magnetic field-induced alignment of nanofibrous supramolecular membranes: a molecular design approach to create tissue-like biomaterials
E Radvar, Y Shi, S Grasso, CJC Edwards-Gayle, X Liu, MS Mauter, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (20), 22661-22672, 2020
Cost comparison of capacitive deionization and reverse osmosis for brackish water desalination
X Liu, S Shanbhag, TV Bartholomew, JF Whitacre, MS Mauter
ACS ES&T Engineering, 2020
Interactions of Silver Nanoparticles Formed In Situ on AFM Tips with Supported Lipid Bilayers
X Liu
Langmuir 34 (36), 10774-10781, 2018
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