Ryo Sugimoto
Ryo Sugimoto
Fukui Prefectural University
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Seasonal Changes in Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Nutrient Transport into a Tideless Semi-enclosed Embayment (Obama Bay, Japan)
R Sugimoto, H Honda, S Kobayashi, Y Takao, D Tahara, O Tominaga, ...
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Modeling phytoplankton production in Ise Bay, Japan: Use of nitrogen isotopes to identify dissolved inorganic nitrogen sources
R Sugimoto, A Kasai, T Miyajima, K Fujita
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Short-term variation in behavior of allochthonous particulate organic matter accompanying changes of river discharge in Ise Bay, Japan
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High-resolution mapping and time-series measurements of 222 Rn concentrations and biogeochemical properties related to submarine groundwater discharge along the coast of Obama …
S Kobayashi, R Sugimoto, H Honda, Y Miyata, D Tahara, O Tominaga, ...
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Phytoplankton primary productivity around submarine groundwater discharge in nearshore coasts
R Sugimoto, K Kitagawa, S Nishi, H Honda, M Yamada, S Kobayashi, ...
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Nitrogen isotopic discrimination by water column nitrification in a shallow coastal environment
R Sugimoto, A Kasai, T Miyajima, K Fujita
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Occurrence, distribution and prey items of juvenile marbled sole Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae around a submarine groundwater seepage on a tidal flat in southwestern Japan
M Hata, R Sugimoto, M Hori, T Tomiyama, J Shoji
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鈴木啓太, 杉本亮, 笠井亮秀
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杉本亮, 笠井亮秀, 山尾理, 藤原建紀, 木村琢磨
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Seasonal and annual fluxes of atmospheric nitrogen deposition and riverine nitrogen export in two adjacent contrasting rivers in central Japan facing the Sea of Japan
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Transport of oceanic nitrate from the continental shelf to the coastal basin in relation to the path of the Kuroshio
R Sugimoto, A Kasai, T Miyajima, K Fujita
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鈴木啓太, 杉本亮, 笠井亮秀, 中山耕至, 田中克
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Using stable nitrogen isotopes to evaluate the relative importance of external and internal nitrogen loadings on phytoplankton production in a shallow eutrophic lake (Lake …
R Sugimoto, T Sato, T Yoshida, O Tominaga
Limnology and Oceanography 59 (1), 37-47, 2014
Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Updates on its Measurement Techniques, Geophysical Drivers, Magnitudes and Effects
M Taniguchi, H Dulai, KM Burnett, IR Santos, R Sugimoto, T Stieglitz, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 7, 141, 2019
Evaluating the tradeoffs between groundwater pumping for snow-melting and nearshore fishery productivity in Obama City, Japan
KM Burnett, CA Wada, M Taniguchi, R Sugimoto, D Tahara
Water 10 (11), 1556, 2018
山田誠, 小路淳, 寺本瞬, 大沢信二, 三島壮智, 杉本亮, 本田尚美, ...
日本水文科学会誌 46 (1), 29-38, 2016
Increase in fish production through bottom-up trophic linkage in coastal waters induced by nutrients supplied via submarine groundwater
K Fujita, J Shoji, R Sugimoto, T Nakajima, H Honda, M Takeuchi, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 7, 82, 2019
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