Heechul Choi
Heechul Choi
School of Earth Science & Environmental Engineering
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Removal of arsenic (III) from groundwater by nanoscale zero-valent iron
SR Kanel, B Manning, L Charlet, H Choi
Environmental science & technology 39 (5), 1291-1298, 2005
Arsenic (V) removal from groundwater using nano scale zero-valent iron as a colloidal reactive barrier material
SR Kanel, JM Greneche, H Choi
Environmental science & technology 40 (6), 2045-2050, 2006
Solar/UV-induced photocatalytic degradation of three commercial textile dyes
B Neppolian, HC Choi, S Sakthivel, B Arabindoo, V Murugesan
Journal of hazardous materials 89 (2-3), 303-317, 2002
Solar light induced and TiO2 assisted degradation of textile dye reactive blue 4
B Neppolian, HC Choi, S Sakthivel, B Arabindoo, V Murugesan
Chemosphere 46 (8), 1173-1181, 2002
Adsorption of humic acid onto nanoscale zerovalent iron and its effect on arsenic removal
ABM Giasuddin, SR Kanel, H Choi
Environmental science & technology 41 (6), 2022-2027, 2007
Carbon nanotube blended polyethersulfone membranes for fouling control in water treatment
E Celik, H Park, H Choi, H Choi
Water research 45 (1), 274-282, 2011
Adsorptive removal of selected pharmaceuticals by mesoporous silica SBA-15
TX Bui, H Choi
Journal of hazardous materials 168 (2-3), 602-608, 2009
Transport of surface-modified iron nanoparticle in porous media and application to arsenic (III) remediation
SR Kanel, D Nepal, B Manning, H Choi
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 9 (5), 725-735, 2007
Synthesis and characterization of ZrO2–TiO2 binary oxide semiconductor nanoparticles: application and interparticle electron transfer process
B Neppolian, Q Wang, H Yamashita, H Choi
Applied Catalysis A: General 333 (2), 264-271, 2007
Aqueous ethanol modified nanoscale zerovalent iron in bromate reduction: synthesis, characterization, and reactivity
Q Wang, S Snyder, J Kim, H Choi
Environmental science & technology 43 (9), 3292-3299, 2009
Sonolytic degradation of methyl tert-butyl ether: the role of coupled fenton process and persulphate ion
B Neppolian, H Jung, H Choi, JH Lee, JW Kang
Water Research 36 (19), 4699-4708, 2002
Kinetic decomposition of ozone and para-chlorobenzoic acid (pCBA) during catalytic ozonation
JS Park, H Choi, J Cho
Water research 38 (9), 2285-2292, 2004
Ultrasonic-assisted sol-gel method of preparation of TiO2 nano-particles: Characterization, properties and 4-chlorophenol removal application
B Neppolian, Q Wang, H Jung, H Choi
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Protein fouling behavior of carbon nanotube/polyethersulfone composite membranes during water filtration
E Celik, L Liu, H Choi
water research 45 (16), 5287-5294, 2011
Reduction of highly concentrated nitrate using nanoscale zero-valent iron: effects of aggregation and catalyst on reactivity
A Ryu, SW Jeong, A Jang, H Choi
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 105 (1-2), 128-135, 2011
Influence of ionic strength, anions, cations, and natural organic matter on the adsorption of pharmaceuticals to silica
TX Bui, H Choi
Chemosphere 80 (7), 681-686, 2010
Modeling colloid transport in unsaturated porous media and validation with laboratory column data
MY Corapcioglu, H Choi
Water Resources Research 32 (12), 3437-3449, 1996
Kinetics and physiological characteristics of autotrophic dentrification by denitrifying sulfur bacteria
SE Oh, KS Kim, HC Choi, J Cho, IS Kim
Water science and technology 42 (3-4), 59-68, 2000
Effect of Fenton-like oxidation on enhanced oxidative degradation of para-chlorobenzoic acid by ultrasonic irradiation
B Neppolian, JS Park, H Choi
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 11 (5), 273-279, 2004
Evaluation of steel slag for organic and inorganic removals in soil aquifer treatment
W Cha, J Kim, H Choi
Water Research 40 (5), 1034-1042, 2006
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