Or Tuttnauer
Or Tuttnauer
Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, MZES at Universität Mannheim
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Competitiveness of party leadership selection processes
O Kenig, G Rahat, O Tuttnauer
The Politics of Party Leadership: A Cross-National Perspective, 50-72, 2015
Shifting political sands: When politicians, voters and (even) party members are on the move
O Kenig, G Rahat, M Philippov, O Tuttnauer
ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, 10-15, 2014
If you can beat them, confront them: Party-level analysis of opposition behavior in European national parliaments
O Tuttnauer
European Union Politics 19 (2), 278-298, 2018
The decline of the large mainstream parties
O Kenig, O Tuttnauer
The Elections in Israel, 21-46, 2015
Government–opposition relations in a fragmented, personalized, and multidimensional setting: The case of Israel
O Tuttnauer
Party Politics 26 (2), 203-214, 2020
Giving Less for More: Members of Political Parties in Israel
O Kenig, G Rahat, M Philippov, O Tuttnauer
Jerusalem: The Israel Democracy Institute [in Hebrew], 2014
Government-Opposition Dynamics and the Constructive Vote of No-Confidence
O Tuttnauer, RY Hazan
ECPR Workshop on Parliaments and Government Termination, UCL Mons, Belgium, 2019
Parliamentary Oppositions in Established Democracies: A Comparative Approach
O Tuttnauer
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2015
Unnatural partners: coalescence in Israeli local government
O Tuttnauer, A Friedman
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 1-21, 2020
Permissibility of Electoral Systems: A New Look at an Old Question
O Kedar, L Harsgor, O Tuttnauer
Supersize me: How oversized coalitions benefit junior coalition partners
O Tuttnauer
Veto Players and Patterns of Government instability
O Tuttnauer, E Zippory
Heterogeneous Dealignment: Is the Israeli Party System a Cup Half Full?
O Tuttnauer
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