Jochem Marotzke
Jochem Marotzke
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Evaluation of climate models
G Flato, J Marotzke, B Abiodun, P Braconnot, SC Chou, W Collins, P Cox, ...
Climate change 2013: the physical science basis. Contribution of Working …, 2014
Abrupt climate change
RB Alley, J Marotzke, WD Nordhaus, JT Overpeck, DM Peteet, RA Pielke, ...
science 299 (5615), 2005-2010, 2003
Climate and carbon cycle changes from 1850 to 2100 in MPI‐ESM simulations for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5
MA Giorgetta, J Jungclaus, CH Reick, S Legutke, J Bader, M Böttinger, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 5 (3), 572-597, 2013
Technical summary
TF Stocker, D Qin, GK Plattner, LV Alexander, SK Allen, NL Bindoff, ...
Climate change 2013: the physical science basis. Contribution of Working …, 2013
Ocean circulation and tropical variability in the coupled model ECHAM5/MPI-OM
JH Jungclaus, N Keenlyside, M Botzet, H Haak, JJ Luo, M Latif, ...
Journal of climate 19 (16), 3952-3972, 2006
Climate change 2013: the physical science basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
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K., Tignor, M., Allen, SK, Boschung, J., Nauels, A., Xia, Y., Bex, V., and …, 2013
Temporal variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at 26.5 N
SA Cunningham, T Kanzow, D Rayner, MO Baringer, WE Johns, ...
science 317 (5840), 935-938, 2007
Characteristics of the ocean simulations in the Max Planck Institute Ocean Model (MPIOM) the ocean component of the MPI‐Earth system model
JH Jungclaus, N Fischer, H Haak, K Lohmann, J Marotzke, D Matei, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 5 (2), 422-446, 2013
The collective-risk social dilemma and the prevention of simulated dangerous climate change
M Milinski, RD Sommerfeld, HJ Krambeck, FA Reed, J Marotzke
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (7), 2291-2294, 2008
Global ocean circulation during 1992–1997, estimated from ocean observations and a general circulation model
D Stammer, C Wunsch, R Giering, C Eckert, P Heimbach, J Marotzke, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 107 (C9), 1-1-1-27, 2002
Stabilizing the Earth’s climate is not a losing game: Supporting evidence from public goods experiments
M Milinski, D Semmann, HJ Krambeck, J Marotzke
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Continuous, array-based estimates of Atlantic Ocean heat transport at 26.5 N
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Climate and carbon-cycle variability over the last millennium
JH Jungclaus, SJ Lorenz, C Timmreck, CH Reick, V Brovkin, K Six, ...
Climate of the Past 6 (5), 723-737, 2010
Abrupt climate change: inevitable surprises
J Marotzke
National Academy Press, 2002
Multiple equilibria of the global thermohaline circulation
J Marotzke, J Willebrand
Journal of physical oceanography 21 (9), 1372-1385, 1991
Construction of the adjoint MIT ocean general circulation model and application to Atlantic heat transport sensitivity
J Marotzke, R Giering, KQ Zhang, D Stammer, C Hill, T Lee
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Energy budget constraints on climate response
A Otto, FEL Otto, O Boucher, J Church, G Hegerl, PM Forster, NP Gillett, ...
Nature Geoscience 6 (6), 415-416, 2013
Synthesis report
CW Team
Climate Change 2007. Working Groups I, II and III to the Fourth Assessment, 2008
Initializing decadal climate predictions with the GECCO oceanic synthesis: Effects on the North Atlantic
H Pohlmann, JH Jungclaus, A Köhl, D Stammer, J Marotzke
Journal of Climate 22 (14), 3926-3938, 2009
Supplement: State of the Climate in 2013 supplemental figures
J Blunden, DS Arndt
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 95 (7), ES1-ES22, 2014
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