J L Marín
J L Marín
Program Manager, Grupo AIA / Elequant
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Breathers in nonlinear lattices: numerical calculation from the anticontinuous limit
JL Marin, S Aubry
Nonlinearity 9 (6), 1501--1528, 1996
Localized moving breathers in a 2D hexagonal lattice
JL Marin, JC Eilbeck,, FM Russell
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JL Marin, S Aubry, LM Floria
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JL Marin, A Trias
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Finite size effects on instabilities of discrete breathers
JL Marín, S Aubry
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JFR Archilla, RS MacKay, JL Marin
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JL Marın
PhD dissertation, University of Zaragoza, Department of Condensed Matter, 1997
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LM Floria, JL Marín, S Aubry, PJ Martínez, F Falo, JJ Mazo
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JL Marın, FM Russell, JC Eilbeck
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L Cruzeiro-Hansson, JC Eilbeck, JL Marın, FM Russell
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Breathers in nonlinear lattices: numerical methods based on the anti-integrability concept
JL Marin, S Aubry
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L Cruzeiro-Hansson, JC Eilbeck, JL Marın, FM Russell
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A Padé-Weierstrass technique for the rigorous enforcement of control limits in power flow studies
A Trias, JL Marin
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 99, 404-418, 2018
Física de los modos discretos
LM Floría, JL Marín, JJ Mazo
Investigación y Ciencia: Edición Española de Scientific American, 68-75, 2002
Discrete Breathers in Josephson-junction ladders
JJ Mazo, JL Marin, PJ Martinez, LM Floria, F Falo, S Aubry
APS March Meeting Abstracts, 1998
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