Andrea Pavan
Andrea Pavan
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The motion aftereffect reloaded
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Separate motion-detecting mechanisms for first-and second-order patterns revealed by rapid forms of visual motion priming and motion aftereffect
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Implied motion from static photographs influences the perceived position of stationary objects
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Priming of first-and second-order motion: Mechanisms and neural substrates
G Campana, A Pavan, C Casco
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The application of online transcranial random noise stimulation and perceptual learning in the improvement of visual functions in mild myopia
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Differential effects of high-frequency transcranial random noise stimulation (hf-tRNS) on contrast sensitivity and visual acuity when combined with a short perceptual training …
B Moret, R Camilleri, A Pavan, GL Giudice, A Veronese, R Rizzo, ...
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Improving myopia via perceptual learning: is training with lateral masking the only (or the most) efficacious technique?
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The fastest (and simplest), the earliest: The locus of processing of rapid forms of motion aftereffect
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Common (and multiple) neural substrates for static and dynamic motion after-effects: A rTMS investigation
G Campana, M Maniglia, A Pavan
Cortex 49 (9), 2590-2594, 2013
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