Yaniv Reingewertz
Yaniv Reingewertz
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Do municipal amalgamations work? Evidence from municipalities in Israel
Y Reingewertz
Journal of Urban Economics 72 (2-3), 240-251, 2012
Polynomial cointegration tests of anthropogenic impact on global warming
M Beenstock, Y Reingewertz, N Paldor
Earth System Dynamics 3 (2), 173-188, 2012
Revenue decentralization, central oversight and the political budget cycle: Evidence from Israel
T Baskaran, A Brender, S Blesse, Y Reingewertz
European Journal of Political Economy 42, 1-16, 2016
Speed or greed? High wages and corruption among public servants
D Navot, Y Reingewertz, N Cohen
Administration & Society 48 (5), 580-601, 2016
Academic in-group bias: An empirical examination of the link between author and journal affiliation
Y Reingewertz, C Lutmar
Journal of Informetrics 12 (1), 74-86, 2018
Tide gauge location and the measurement of global sea level rise
M Beenstock, D Felsenstein, E Frank, Y Reingewertz
Environmental and ecological statistics 22 (1), 179-206, 2015
Fiscal Decentralization-a Survey of the Empirical Literature
Y Reingewertz
Available at SSRN 2523335, 2014
Teaching macroeconomics through flowcharts
Y Reingewertz
International Review of Economics Education 14, 86-93, 2013
Political fragmentation and fiscal status: Evidence from municipalities in Israel
Y Reingewertz
Local Government Studies 41 (5), 774-793, 2015
Corporate taxes and vertical tax externalities: Evidence from narrative federal tax shocks
Y Reingewertz
Regional Science and Urban Economics 68, 84-97, 2018
Identifying the Effect of Government Spending: Evidence from Political Variations in Federal Grants
Y Reingewertz
Available at SSRN 1892088, 2011
How effective is central enforcement? Evidence from convened committees in failing local authorities
Y Reingewertz, I Beeri
Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space 36 (2), 357-380, 2018
Testing the historic tracking of climate models
M Beenstock, Y Reingewertz, N Paldor
International Journal of Forecasting 32 (4), 1234-1246, 2016
Particulate Matter Concentrations, Sandstorms and Respiratory Hospital Admissions in Israel.
A Ebenstein, E Frank, Y Reingewertz
The Israel Medical Association journal: IMAJ 17 (10), 628-632, 2015
Heterogeneous vertical tax externalities and macroeconomic effects of federal tax changes: The role of fiscal advantage
F Perez-Sebastian, O Raveh, Y Reingewertz
Journal of Urban Economics 112, 85-110, 2019
The Effect of Child Allowances on Labor Supply: Evidence from Israel
Y Mazar, Y Reingewertz
Available at SSRN 3290483, 2018
Will leading by example help in mitigating climate change? A comment on ‘the economics of leadership in climate change mitigation’by Gregor Schwerhoff
Y Reingewertz
Climate Policy 17 (6), 814-816, 2017
Heterogeneous Vertical Tax Externalities, Capital Mobility, and the Fiscal Advantage of Natural Resources
F Perez‐Sebastian, O Raveh, Y Reingewertz
Journal of Urban Economics, Forthcoming, 2017
Distributive spending and presidential partisan politics
Y Reingewertz, T Baskaran
Public Choice 185 (1), 65-85, 2020
Special issue on municipal amalgamations: guest editors’ introduction
Y Reingewertz, S Serritzlew
Local Government Studies 45 (5), 603-610, 2019
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