Alexander Varvak
Alexander Varvak
Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University
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צוטט על ידי
Development of an efficient, scalable, aldolase-catalyzed process for enantioselective synthesis of statin intermediates
WA Greenberg, A Varvak, SR Hanson, K Wong, H Huang, P Chen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (16), 5788-5793, 2004
Engineering hyperthermostability into a GH11 xylanase is mediated by subtle changes to protein structure
C Dumon, A Varvak, MA Wall, JE Flint, RJ Lewis, JH Lakey, C Morland, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (33), 22557-22564, 2008
Multiple regulatory layers of SREBP1/2 by SIRT6
S Elhanati, Y Kanfi, A Varvak, A Roichman, I Carmel-Gross, S Barth, ...
Cell reports 4 (5), 905-912, 2013
Reciprocal regulation between SIRT6 and miR-122 controls liver metabolism and predicts hepatocarcinoma prognosis
S Elhanati, R Ben-Hamo, Y Kanfi, A Varvak, R Glazz, B Lerrer, S Efroni, ...
Cell reports 14 (2), 234-242, 2016
Conformational effects in biological catalysis: an antibody-catalyzed oxy-cope rearrangement
EC Mundorff, MA Hanson, A Varvak, H Ulrich, PG Schultz, RC Stevens
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BL-7010 demonstrates specific binding to gliadin and reduces gluten-associated pathology in a chronic mouse model of gliadin sensitivity
JL McCarville, Y Nisemblat, HJ Galipeau, J Jury, R Tabakman, A Cohen, ...
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Xylanases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
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A catalysis-based selection for peroxidase antibodies with increased activity
J Yin, JH Mills, PG Schultz
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Production of 1, 3-propanediol from glycerol via fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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Green Chemistry 18 (17), 4657-4666, 2016
Sonochemical synthesis of HSiW/graphene catalysts for enhanced biomass hydrolysis
M Klein, A Varvak, E Segal, B Markovsky, IN Pulidindi, N Perkas, ...
Green Chemistry 17 (4), 2418-2425, 2015
Lyase Enzymes, Nucleic Acids Encoding Them and Methods For Making and Using Them
DP Weiner, A Varvak, T Richardson, M Podar, E Burke, S Healey
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L-lactate promotes adult hippocampal neurogenesis
Y Lev-Vachnish, S Cadury, A Rotter-Maskowitz, N Feldman, A Roichman, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 13, 403, 2019
Antibiotic nanoparticles embedded into the Parylene C layer as a new method to prevent medical device-associated infections
O Grinberg, M Natan, A Lipovsky, A Varvak, H Keppner, A Gedanken, ...
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Lyase enzymes, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
DP Weiner, A Varvak, T Richardson, M Podar, E Burke, S Healey
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A bacterial genetic selection system for ubiquitylation cascade discovery
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NKp46 recognizes the sigma1 protein of reovirus: implications for reovirus-based cancer therapy
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New evidence of the purple‐dye industry at Tel Shiqmona, Israel
N Sukenik, D Iluz, Z Amar, A Varvak, S Bar
Archaeometry 59 (4), 775-785, 2017
Chemical analysis of Murex-dyed textiles from wadi Murabba'at, Israel
N Sukenik, A Varvak, Z Amar, D Iluz
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 3, 565-570, 2015
Prebleaching of softwood and hardwood pulps by a high performance xylanase belonging to a novel clade of glycosyl hydrolase family 11
AR Esteghlalian, MM Kazaoka, BA Lowery, A Varvak, B Hancock, ...
Enzyme and microbial technology 42 (5), 395-403, 2008
Direct Elimination of Epoxides to Dienes with Phosphonium Anhydrides
JB Hendrickson, MA Walker, A Varvak, MS Hussoin
Synlett 1996 (07), 661-662, 1996
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