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yahli shereshevsky
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צוטט על ידי
Targeting the targeted killings case-International lawmaking in domestic contexts
Y Shereshevsky
Mich. J. Int'l L. 39, 241, 2018
Does Exposure to Preparatory Work Affect Treaty Interpretation? An Experimental Study on International Law Students and Experts
Y Shereshevsky, T Noah
European Journal of International Law 28 (4), 1287-1316, 2017
Politics by Other Means: The Battle over the Classification of Asymmetrical Conflicts
Y Shereshevsky
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Back in the Game: International Humanitarian Lawmaking by States
Y Shereshevsky
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HCJ 3003/18 Yesh Din–Volunteers for Human Rights v. Chief of General Staff, Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
Y Shereshevsky
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Monetary Compensation as a Remedy for Fair Trial Violations under International Criminal Law
Y Shereshevsky
New Criminal Law Review 18 (1), 71-99, 2015
Are All Soldiers Created Equal?–On the Equal Application of the Law to Enhanced Soldiers
Y Shereshevsky
Virginia Journal of International Law, Forthcoming, 2020
The Unintended Negative Effect of Positive Complementarity
Y Shereshevsky
Journal of International Criminal Justice (JICJ)(Forthcoming, 2020), 2020
Something is not Always Better than Nothing: Problematizing Emerging Forms of Jus Ad Bellum Argument
D Hughes, Y Shereshevsky
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Explaining the Practical Purchase of Soft Law: Competing and Complementary Behavioral Hypotheses
T Broude, Y Shereshevsky
Forthcoming, International Law as Behavior (Harlan Grant Cohen and Timothy …, 2018
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