Simon Belt
Simon Belt
Professor of Chemistry
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
A novel chemical fossil of palaeo sea ice: IP25
ST Belt, G Massé, SJ Rowland, M Poulin, C Michel, B LeBlanc
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The rise of the rhizosolenid diatoms
JSS Damsté, G Muyzer, B Abbas, SW Rampen, G Massé, WG Allard, ...
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The Arctic sea ice biomarker IP25: a review of current understanding, recommendations for future research and applications in palaeo sea ice reconstructions
ST Belt, J Müller
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Highly branched isoprenoids (HBIs): identification of the most common and abundant sedimentary isomers
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Using a context-based approach to undergraduate chemistry teaching–a case study for introductory physical chemistry
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Source identification of the Arctic sea ice proxy IP 25
TA Brown, ST Belt, A Tatarek, CJ Mundy
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. eta. 2-Coordination and carbon-fluorine activation of hexafluorobenzene by cyclopentadienylrhodium and-iridium complexes
ST Belt, M Helliwell, WD Jones, MG Partridge, RN Perutz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 115 (4), 1429-1440, 1993
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A problem based learning approach to analytical and applied chemistry
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Temporal and vertical variations of lipid biomarkers during a bottom ice diatom bloom in the Canadian Beaufort Sea: further evidence for the use of the IP 25 biomarker as a …
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The emergence of modern sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean
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Effects of alkyl chain branching on the biotransformation of naphthenic acids
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A reproducible method for the extraction, identification and quantification of the Arctic sea ice proxy IP 25 from marine sediments
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Identification of contrasting seasonal sea ice conditions during the Younger Dryas
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Quaternary Science Reviews 29 (25-26), 3489-3504, 2010
Identification of paleo Arctic winter sea ice limits and the marginal ice zone: optimised biomarker-based reconstructions of late Quaternary Arctic sea ice
ST Belt, P Cabedo-Sanz, L Smik, A Navarro-Rodriguez, SMP Berben, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 431, 127-139, 2015
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