Alejandro Frank
Alejandro Frank
Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Algebraic methods in molecular and nuclear structure physics
A Frank, P Van Isacker
Wiley, 1994
Glucose, insulin, and triglyceride responses to high and low carbohydrate diets in man.
JW Farquhar, A Frank, RC Gross, GM Reaven
The Journal of clinical investigation 45 (10), 1648-1656, 1966
Jets and outflows from star to cloud: observations confront theory
A Frank, TP Ray, S Cabrit, P Hartigan, HG Arce, F Bacciotti, J Bally, ...
Protostars and planets VI 451 (1402.3553), 2014
Measurement of the transverse momentum distribution of Z/γ⁎ bosons in proton–proton collisions at s= 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector
G Aad, B Abbott, J Abdallah, AA Abdelalim, A Abdesselam, B Abi, ...
Physics Letters B 705 (5), 415-434, 2011
Localization of acid phosphatase in lipofuscin granules and possible autophagic vacuoles in interstitial cells of the guinea pig testis
AL Frank, AK Christensen
The Journal of cell biology 36 (1), 1-13, 1968
Commissioning and early experiments of the PHELIX facility
V Bagnoud, B Aurand, A Blazevic, S Borneis, C Bruske, B Ecker, ...
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Ladder operators for the Morse potential
SH Dong, R Lemus, A Frank
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 86 (5), 433-439, 2002
Extension of supersymmetry in nuclear structure
P Van Isacker, J Jolie, K Heyde, A Frank
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Effect of carbon tetrachloride on hepatic synthesis and release of triglycerides
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Band structure from random interactions
R Bijker, A Frank
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Scaled laboratory experiments explain the kink behaviour of the Crab Nebula jet
CK Li, P Tzeferacos, D Lamb, G Gregori, PA Norreys, MJ Rosenberg, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
Search for E (5) symmetry in nuclei: the Ru isotopes
A Frank, CE Alonso, JM Arias
Physical Review C 65 (1), 014301, 2001
HST/GHRS observations of the compact slow ejecta of Eta Carinae
K Davidson, D Ebbets, S Johansson, JA Morse, FW Hamann, B Balick, ...
The Astronomical Journal 113, 335-345, 1997
Lie algebras for potential scattering
A Frank, KB Wolf
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First observation of scissors mode states in an odd-mass nucleus
I Bauske, JM Arias, P Von Brentano, A Frank, H Friedrichs, RD Heil, ...
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Group theory of the interacting Boson model of the nucleus
O Castanos, E Chacón, A Frank, M Moshinsky
Journal of Mathematical Physics 20 (1), 35-44, 1979
U(5)-O(6) transition in the interacting boson model and the critical point symmetry
JM Arias, CE Alonso, A Vitturi, JE García-Ramos, J Dukelsky, A Frank
Physical Review C 68 (4), 041302, 2003
Dielectronic and radiative recombination of lithiumlike gold
W Spies, A Müller, J Linkemann, A Frank, M Wagner, C Kozhuharov, ...
Physical review letters 69 (19), 2768, 1992
Dominance of J P= 0+ ground states in even-even nuclei from random two-body interactions
R Bijker, A Frank, S Pittel
Physical Review C 60 (2), 021302, 1999
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