Tianxiang Gao
Tianxiang Gao
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צוטט על ידי
Variation in the human immune system is largely driven by non-heritable influences
P Brodin, V Jojic, T Gao, S Bhattacharya, CJL Angel, D Furman, ...
Cell 160 (1-2), 37-47, 2015
Design of synthetic bacterial communities for predictable plant phenotypes
S Herrera Paredes, T Gao, TF Law, OM Finkel, T Mucyn, PJPL Teixeira, ...
PLoS biology 16 (2), e2003962, 2018
Modelling relational statistics with bayes nets
O Schulte, H Khosravi, AE Kirkpatrick, T Gao, Y Zhu
Machine Learning 94 (1), 105-125, 2014
Learning compact Markov logic networks with decision trees
H Khosravi, O Schulte, J Hu, T Gao
Machine learning 89 (3), 257-277, 2012
Degrees of freedom in deep neural networks
T Gao, V Jojic
arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.09260, 2016
An inflammatory clock predicts multi-morbidity, immunosenescence and cardiovascular aging in humans
N Sayed, T Gao, R Tibshirani, T Hastie, L Cui, T Kuznetsova, ...
BioRxiv, 840363, 2019
Sample importance in training deep neural networks
T Gao, V Jojic
Hyperparameter optimization for deep learning
T Gao
UNC CS Deep Learning Journal Club, University of North Carolina at Chapel …, 2016
Drug-induced mRNA signatures are enriched for the minority of genes that are highly heritable
T Gao, P Brodin, MM Davis, V Jojic
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing Co-Chairs, 395-406, 2014
Extracting Information From Deep Learning Models for Computational Biology
T Gao
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2017
Efficient online-group-screening designs for agent identification
T Gao, O Finkel, J Dangl, V Jojic
bioRxiv, 220863, 2017
Modelling Relational Statistics With Bayes Nets (Poster Presentation SRL Workshop)
O Schulte, H Khosravi, A Kirkpatrick, T Gao, Y Zhu
RNA Secondary Structure Prediction: Using ASP techniques
T Gao
Relational Random Regression for Bayes Nets
O Schulte, H Khosravi, Y Zhu, T Gao
Relational Random Regression for Bayes Nets (Poster Presentation at UAI-StarAI Workshop 2012)
O Schulte, H Khosravi, T Gao, Y Zhu
Parameter Estimation of FM Synthesis using Machine Learning Technique
T Gao
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