Boris Vainberg
Boris Vainberg
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Asymptotic methods in equations of mathematical physics
B Vainberg
CRC Press, 1989
Linear water waves: a mathematical approach
N Kuznetsov, NG Kuznet͡sov, NI Kuznetsov, VG Maz'â, VG Mazʹâ, ...
Cambridge University Press, 2002
On the short wave asymptotic behaviour of solutions of stationary problems and the asymptotic behaviour as t→∞ of solutions of non-stationary problems
BR Vainberg
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BR Vainberg
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Analytic methods for partial differential equations
G Evans, J Blackledge, P Yardley
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
Scattering solutions in networks of thin fibers: small diameter asymptotics
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Radiation conditions for the difference Schrödinger operators
W Shaban, B Vainberg
Applicable Analysis 80 (3-4), 525-556, 2001
On the analytic properties of the resolvent for a certain class of operator pencils
B Vainberg
Mat. Sb.(NS) 77, 1968
Continuous model for homopolymers
M Cranston, L Koralov, S Molchanov, B Vainberg
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On scattering of solitons for the Klein–Gordon equation coupled to a particle
V Imaikin, A Komech, B Vainberg
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E Lakshtanov, B Vainberg
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E Lakshtanov, B Vainberg
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Quasiclassical approximation in stationary scattering problems
BR Vainberg
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Uniformly nonelliptic problems. II
BR Vainberg, VV Grushin
Matematicheskii Sbornik 115 (1), 126-154, 1967
On exterior elliptic problems polynomially depending on a spectral parameter, and the asymptotic behavior for large time of solutions of nonstationary problems
BR Vainberg
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On the structure of eigenfunctions corresponding to embedded eigenvalues of locally perturbed periodic graph operators
P Kuchment, B Vainberg
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E Lakshtanov, B Vainberg
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Behavior for large time of solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation
BR Vainberg
Trans. Moscow Math. Soc 30, 139-158, 1974
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