Akshay Deshmukh
Akshay Deshmukh
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Membrane distillation at the water-energy nexus: limits, opportunities, and challenges
A Deshmukh, C Boo, V Karanikola, S Lin, AP Straub, T Tong, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (5), 1177-1196, 2018
The critical need for increased selectivity, not increased water permeability, for desalination membranes
JR Werber, A Deshmukh, M Elimelech
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Pressure-retarded osmosis for power generation from salinity gradients: is it viable?
AP Straub, A Deshmukh, M Elimelech
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Nanophotonics-enabled solar membrane distillation for off-grid water purification
PD Dongare, A Alabastri, S Pedersen, KR Zodrow, NJ Hogan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (27), 6936-6941, 2017
Comparison of energy consumption in desalination by capacitive deionization and reverse osmosis
M Qin, A Deshmukh, R Epsztein, SK Patel, OM Owoseni, WS Walker, ...
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Desalination by forward osmosis: Identifying performance limiting parameters through module-scale modeling
A Deshmukh, NY Yip, S Lin, M Elimelech
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Can batch or semi-batch processes save energy in reverse-osmosis desalination?
JR Werber*, A Deshmukh*, M Elimelech
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Understanding the impact of membrane properties and transport phenomena on the energetic performance of membrane distillation desalination
A Deshmukh, M Elimelech
Journal of Membrane Science, 2017
High-pressure reverse osmosis for energy-efficient hypersaline brine desalination: current status, design considerations, and research needs
DM Davenport, A Deshmukh, JR Werber, M Elimelech
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The relative insignificance of advanced materials in enhancing the energy efficiency of desalination technologies
SK Patel, CL Ritt, A Deshmukh, Z Wang, M Qin, R Epsztein, M Elimelech
Energy & Environmental Science 13 (6), 1694-1710, 2020
Monte Carlo simulations of framework defects in layered two-dimensional nanomaterial desalination membranes: implications for permeability and selectivity
CL Ritt, JR Werber, A Deshmukh, M Elimelech
Environmental science & technology 53 (11), 6214-6224, 2019
Techno-economic assessment of a closed-loop osmotic heat engine
KL Hickenbottom, J Vanneste, L Miller-Robbie, A Deshmukh, M Elimelech, ...
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Minimal and zero liquid discharge with reverse osmosis using low-salt-rejection membranes
Z Wang, A Deshmukh, Y Du, M Elimelech
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Economic performance of membrane distillation configurations in optimal solar thermal desalination systems
V Karanikola, SE Moore, A Deshmukh, RG Arnold, M Elimelech, AE Sáez
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Relating Selectivity and Separation Performance of Lamellar Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Membranes to Nanosheet Stacking Behavior
X Lu, UR Gabinet, CL Ritt, X Feng, A Deshmukh, K Kawabata, M Kaneda, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (15), 9640-9651, 2020
Membrane desalination performance governed by molecular reflection at the liquid-vapor interface
A Deshmukh*, J Lee*
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 140, 1006-1022, 2019
Mechanism of Heterogeneous Fenton Reaction Kinetics Enhancement under Nanoscale Spatial Confinement
S Zhang, M Sun, T Hedtke, A Deshmukh, X Zhou, S Weon, M Elimelech, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (17), 10868-10875, 2020
Multifunctional nanocoated membranes for high-rate electrothermal desalination of hypersaline waters
K Zuo, W Wang, A Deshmukh, S Jia, H Guo, R Xin, M Elimelech, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 15 (12), 1025–1032, 2020
Membrane distillation assisted by heat pump for improved desalination energy efficiency
E Shaulsky, Z Wang, A Deshmukh, V Karanikola, M Elimelech
Desalination 496, 114694, 2020
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