David E. Friesem
David E. Friesem
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Degradation of mud brick houses in an arid environment: a geoarchaeological model
D Friesem, E Boaretto, A Eliyahu-Behar, R Shahack-Gross
Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (5), 1135-1147, 2011
Where are the roofs? A geo-ethnoarchaeological study of mud brick structures and their collapse processes, focusing on the identification of roofs
DE Friesem, G Tsartsidou, P Karkanas, R Shahack-Gross
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 6 (1), 73-92, 2014
Sedimentary processes involved in mud brick degradation in temperate environments: a micromorphological approach in an ethnoarchaeological context in northern Greece
DE Friesem, P Karkanas, G Tsartsidou, R Shahack-Gross
Journal of Archaeological Science 41, 556-567, 2014
Formation processes and combustion features at the lower layers of the Middle Palaeolithic open-air site of Nesher Ramla, Israel
DE Friesem, Y Zaidner, R Shahack-Gross
Quaternary International 331, 128-138, 2014
Physical and mineralogical properties of experimentally heated chaff-tempered mud bricks: Implications for reconstruction of environmental factors influencing the appearance of …
MCL Forget, L Regev, DE Friesem, R Shahack-Gross
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2, 80-93, 2015
Geo-ethnoarchaeology in action
DE Friesem
Journal of Archaeological Science 70, 145-157, 2016
D Ussishkin
The Anchor Bible Dictionary 4, 666-679, 1992
Was inter-population connectivity of Neanderthals and modern humans the driver of the Upper Paleolithic transition rather than its product?
G Greenbaum, DE Friesem, E Hovers, MW Feldman, O Kolodny
Quaternary Science Reviews 217, 316-329, 2019
Site formation processes and hunter-gatherers use of space in a tropical environment: a geo-ethnoarchaeological approach from South India
DE Friesem, N Lavi, M Madella, P Ajithprasad, C French
PLoS One 11 (10), e0164185, 2016
Heat-induced alteration of glauconitic minerals in the Middle Stone Age levels of Blombos Cave, South Africa: Implications for evaluating site structure and burning events
MM Haaland, DE Friesem, CE Miller, CS Henshilwood
Journal of Archaeological Science 86, 81-100, 2017
Earth construction materials
DE Friesem, J Wattez, M Onfray
Archaeological soil and sediment micromorphology, 99-110, 2017
Landscapes, depositional environments and human occupation at Middle Paleolithic open-air sites in the southern Levant, with new insights from Nesher Ramla, Israel
Y Zaidner, A Frumkin, D Friesem, A Tsatskin, R Shahack-Gross
Quaternary Science Reviews 138, 76-86, 2016
A late Pleistocene linear dune dam record of aeolian-fluvial dynamics at the fringes of the northwestern Negev dunefield
J Roskin, R Bookman, DE Friesem, J Vardi
Sedimentary Geology 353, 76-95, 2017
The Upper Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic of Sefunim Cave, Israel
R Shimelmitz, DE Friesem, JL Clark, I Groman-Yaroslavski, L Weissbrod, ...
Quaternary International 464, 106-125, 2018
Foragers, tropical forests and the formation of archaeological evidences: an ethnoarchaeological view from South India
DE Friesem, N Lavi
Quaternary International 448, 117-128, 2017
Area J. Part V: Analyses of sediments from the level J-4 Temple floor
D Friesem, R Shahack-Gross
Megiddo V: The 2008, 143-147, 2004
Middle to Late Epipaleolithic hunter-gatherer encampments at the Ashalim site, on a linear dune-like morphology, along dunefield margin water bodies
J Vardi, O Marder, R Bookman, DE Friesem, I Groman-Yeroslavski, ...
Quaternary International 464, 187-205, 2018
The formation of fire residues associated with hunter-gatherers in humid tropical environments: A geo-ethnoarchaeological perspective
DE Friesem, N Lavi, M Madella, E Boaretto, P Ajithparsad, C French
Quaternary Science Reviews 171, 85-99, 2017
Where are the roofs? A geo-ethnoarchaeological study towards the identification of roofs in the archaeological record
DE Friesem, P Karkanas, G Tsartsidou, R Shahack-Gross
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 6, 73-92, 2014
Towards a Broader View of Hunter-Gatherer Sharing
N Lavi, DE Friesem
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 2019
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