Souvik Roy
צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
A Fokker–Planck feedback control-constrained approach for modelling crowd motion
S Roy, M Annunziato, A Borzì
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Transport 45 (6), 442-458, 2016
Numerical inversion of a broken ray transform arising in single scattering optical tomography
G Ambartsoumian, S Roy
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A Fokker–Planck approach to control collective motion
S Roy, M Annunziato, A Borzì, C Klingenberg
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A new optimization approach to sparse reconstruction of log-conductivity in acousto-electric tomography
S Roy, A Borzi
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 11 (2), 1759-1784, 2018
An efficient numerical algorithm for the inversion of an integral transform arising in ultrasound imaging
S Roy, VP Krishnan, P Chandrashekar, ASV Murthy
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A fully non-linear optimization approach to acousto-electric tomography
BJ Adesokan, K Knudsen, VP Krishnan, S Roy
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Pedestrian motion modeled by FP-constrained Nash games
S Roy, A Borzì, A Habbal
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A Variational Approach to Estimate Incompressible Fluid Flows.
P Chandrashekar, S Roy, ASV Murthy
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A theoretical investigation of Brockett’s ensemble optimal control problems
J Bartsch, A Borzì, F Fanelli, S Roy
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Image reconstruction from radially incomplete spherical Radon data
G Ambartsoumian, R Gouia-Zarrad, VP Krishnan, S Roy
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A variational approach to optical flow estimation of unsteady incompressible flows
S Roy, P Chandrashekar, ASV Murthy
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Sparse reconstruction of log-conductivity in current density impedance tomography
M Gupta, RK Mishra, S Roy
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Numerical Investigation of a Class of Liouville Control Problems
S Roy, A Borzi
Journal of Scientific Computing 73 (1), 178-202, 2017
Reconstruction of a class of fluid flows by variational methods and inversion of integral transforms in tomography
S Roy
Ph. D. dissertation, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, CAM, Bangalore …, 2015
A new non-linear conjugate gradient algorithm for destructive cure rate model and a simulation study: illustration with negative binomial competing risks
S Pal, S Roy
Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation, 1-15, 2020
How to Place an Obstacle Having a Dihedral Symmetry Inside a Disk so as to Optimize the Fundamental Dirichlet Eigenvalue
AMH Chorwadwala, S Roy
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Sparsity-based nonlinear reconstruction of optical parameters in two-photon photoacoustic computed tomography
M Gupta, RK Mishra, S Roy
Inverse Problems 37 (4), 044001, 2021
On the Estimation of Destructive Cure Rate Model: A New Study with Exponentially Weighted Poisson Competing Risks
S Pal, S Roy
Statistica Neerlandica, 2021
Second-order nonstandard explicit Euler method
M Gupta, JM Slezak, F Alalhareth, S Roy, HV Kojouharov
AIP Conference Proceedings 2302 (1), 110003, 2020
A sparsity-based Fokker-Planck optimal control framework for modeling traffic flows
S Roy
AIP Conference Proceedings 2302 (1), 110007, 2020
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