Mathieu Therezien
Mathieu Therezien
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צוטט על ידי
Long-term transformation and fate of manufactured Ag nanoparticles in a simulated large scale freshwater emergent wetland
GV Lowry, BP Espinasse, AR Badireddy, CJ Richardson, BC Reinsch, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (13), 7027-7036, 2012
Acclimation of leaf hydraulic conductance and stomatal conductance of Pinus taeda (loblolly pine) to long‐term growth in elevated CO2 (free‐air CO2 enrichment …
JC DOMEC, S Palmroth, E Ward, CA Maier, M Thérézien, RAM Oren
Plant, Cell & Environment 32 (11), 1500-1512, 2009
Heterogeneities in fullerene nanoparticle aggregates affecting reactivity, bioactivity, and transport
SR Chae, AR Badireddy, J Farner Budarz, S Lin, Y Xiao, M Therezien, ...
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Theory and methodology for determining nanoparticle affinity for heteroaggregation in environmental matrices using batch measurements
LE Barton, M Therezien, M Auffan, JY Bottero, MR Wiesner
Environmental Engineering Science 31 (7), 421-427, 2014
Importance of heterogeneous aggregation for NP fate in natural and engineered systems
M Therezien, A Thill, MR Wiesner
Science of the total environment 485, 309-318, 2014
Analysis of the sensitivity of absorbed light and incident light profile to various canopy architecture and stand conditions
HS Kim, S Palmroth, M Thérézien, P Stenberg, R Oren
Tree Physiology 31 (1), 30-47, 2011
Comparative persistence of engineered nanoparticles in a complex aquatic ecosystem
BP Espinasse, NK Geitner, A Schierz, M Therezien, CJ Richardson, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (7), 4072-4078, 2018
Estimation of light interception properties of conifer shoots by an improved photographic method and a 3D model of shoot structure
M Thérézien, S Palmroth, R Brady, R Oren
Tree physiology 27 (10), 1375-1387, 2007
Comparison of the photosensitivity and bacterial toxicity of spherical and tubular fullerenes of variable aggregate size
SR Chae, M Therezien, JF Budarz, L Wessel, S Lin, Y Xiao, MR Wiesner
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13 (10), 5121-5127, 2011
Electric double layer formed by polarized ferroelectric thin films
RJ Ferris, S Lin, M Therezien, BB Yellen, S Zauscher
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (7), 2610-2617, 2013
Heterogeneous Aggregation Modeling - Towards Understanding the Transport and Fate of Nanoparticle Contaminants
M Therezien
Duke University, 2016
Coniferous Small-scale Canopy Architecture and Its Influence on Satellite Retrieval of Leaf Area Index
M Therezien
Duke University, 2008
Ecological evaluation of Phytase-Additions in the swine feed
G Chassot, M Therezien, O Jolliet
AGRARFORSCHUNG 14 (1), 40-41, 2007
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