Anna Henningham
Anna Henningham
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Disease manifestations and pathogenic mechanisms of group A Streptococcus
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JN Cole, JA Aquilina, PG Hains, A Henningham, KS Sriprakash, ...
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RESEARCH ARTICLE Role of group A Streptococcus HtrA in the maturation of SpeB protease
JN Cole, JA Aquilina, PG Hains, A Henningham, KS Sriprakash, ...
Mechanisms of group A Streptococcus resistance to reactive oxygen species
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Evaluation of novel Streptococcus pyogenes vaccine candidates incorporating multiple conserved sequences from the C-repeat region of the M-protein
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CM Stewart, CZ Buffalo, JA Valderrama, A Henningham, JN Cole, V Nizet, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (34), 9515-9520, 2016
Structure-informed design of an enzymatically inactive vaccine component for group A Streptococcus
A Henningham, DJ Ericsson, K Langer, LW Casey, B Jovcevski, ...
MBio 4 (4), e00509-13, 2013
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